Friday, October 30, 2020

One of the biggest attractions of spring arriving is the knowledge that Englewood’s Ice Cream on Grand, our most favorite place to indulge in unique ice cream flavors, as well as the more traditional ones, has opened its doors. Syed Rizvi, owner of Ice Cream on Grand, spends many winter months preparing to pamper his clients with beautiful outdoor landscaping and flowers in order to make the entire experience most pleasant for everyone.

From shakes to sundaes to cups or cones in every shape, dipped or soft ice cream, with or without sprinkles, the anticipation is well worth it.

Lo and behold, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Syed wanted to please his many customers and at the same time adhere to the rules enforced by the state to ensure social distancing. In order to do that he determined that he would not be comfortable having people inside the ice cream parlor itself. However, with safety a primary concern, he worked diligently to come up with another option.


While it certainly isn’t near the same experience that families had when they could enter the premises with their children and or friends and let them excitedly choose their flavors as they paced back and forth looking at all that was offered to them, for now, drive-through car service is the only way.

In order to welcome his customers back for the season Syed generously offered free ice cream cones to anyone who visited on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, provided they did so with his new drive through method.

Never in a million years did he anticipate the number of cars that pulled up to take advantage of his offer. Some waited as long as an hour and a half to get their cones. While he expected to be open from noon until 5 p.m., by 3 p.m., the ice cream was all gone.

Eighty-five gallons of ice cream had been used up and many dozens of cars were still waiting on line, when it was announced, sadly, that there was no more ice cream to be had.

One woman expressed her gratitude to a staff member, stating that she was so glad, after being stuck in her house for so long, to just drive up and speak with another human being up close that she was not even disappointed. The loneliness and separation was certainly getting to everyone. Syed apologizes to those who missed out on that occasion.

The new system at Ice Cream on Grand is as follows: Customers drive in and make a choice of ice cream sold in different sized containers, as eager yet safely masked servers approach to welcome you and take your order. A large sign with the choices of the many different flavors of ice cream is available for all to see.The order is delivered to the car in a styrofoam container or an individually packaged cup.

This summer, all eating will have to take place off the grounds of Ice Cream on Grand. Beginning in July, Syed said he will be selling soft ice cream once again, but he has yet to announce other favorites such as shakes or sundaes.

Ice Cream on Grand is able to provide ice cream as well as two servers to at home parties for no more than 30 people at a cost of $500. The area behind the facility is also a perfect romantic setup for a marriage proposal, and Syed said he would be happy to discuss this possibility with whoever might be interested. Pre-ordered cakes for many occasions are also available. As the season progresses, watch for further changes and menu additions.

Together with the lessening of the number of cases of the virus and further instructions from the CDC, we look forward to being able to go back to our old ways of choosing by looking and even having a taste prior to ordering.

When the writer voiced her concern that the landscaping and flowers is such a perfect spot to sit on a summer night with a favorite flavor charming her taste buds, Syed reminded her that there will always be next year.