Saturday, December 05, 2020

Pizza is pretty much the same everywhere: Crust, sauce, cheese, toppings, Italian seasoning. Right?

Wrong! Zevy’s pizza is so extraordinary that you’ll find yourself talking about it, telling others and looking forward to the next time.

Every inch of Zevy’s “Grandma Pizza,” a square Long Island/Detroit-style pizza, is loaded with authentic, unique and homemade ingredients. According to Zev Rocklin, owner and proprietor, “you won’t find anything like these pizzas anywhere else.” The pizza sauce is prepared from scratch with distinctive epicure plum tomatoes, not a commercial canned or jarred sauce. This best-selling pizza also features three different cheeses, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.


Injecting a little fun into its menu, Zevy’s serves up a truly unique offering. The “Drunken Grandma” pie, also a best seller and thus named because of the addition of homemade vodka sauce, is topped with thick slices of fresh, chewy mozzarella cheese. The vodka sauce makes an additional appearance in the amazing penne alla vodka entrée.

Another popular pizza, shared Rocklin, is “our fried onion pie that is made with genuinely fried onions. Others (usually) just sauté the onions.” Deep frying locks in flavor with higher heat and creates a crispy outside with a soft inside for the onions, significantly enhancing the flavor of the pizza.

The menu is also truly diverse; big enough to provide lots of variety with superior quality, but not so extensive as to compromise the importance of that quality. Other favorites are the unique za’atar knots in addition to regular garlic knots, as well as za’atar pizza. The pasta dishes are also exceptional, featuring Zevy’s excellent homemade Alfredo and other sauces.

When it comes to customer service, customers can expect a generous serving of that as well. “We try to provide the best customer service possible. We want our customers to be happy with their entire experience, from the time they set foot into the store or call us until they finish their last bite of food,” said Rocklin. And he means whether you dine on the restaurant patio, at home, work, school or elsewhere.

Zevy’s also provides an optional pay-per-order lunch program for students at Naaleh High School for Girls. As with every customer, the restaurant gives special attention to the nut-free and other allergy concerns of students and staff. Because they make so many of the menu items from scratch, there is already a great deal of care and control over the ingredients. Rocklin is happy to spend as much time as needed in the store, or on the phone answering important questions about ingredients, to clarify the store’s policy, and preparation regarding allergens.

Rocklin concluded, “We like to greet all of our customers with a smile, provide quick and efficient service, and keep wait times to a minimum and satisfaction to a maximum.”

Teaneck residents now have the chance to enjoy a taste of Zevy’s delicious fare and experience the great service firsthand, in the convenience of their homes.

As an introductory offer, Rocklin is excited to introduce deliveries to Teaneck by extending a special promotion on Tuesdays through December 1: free delivery between 4-7 p.m. with an order total of $50 (excluding tax). Orders must be called in by 3 p.m. on the same day to guarantee delivery. After December 1, delivery charges will apply.

Call Zevy’s at (201) 300-6113 to place orders and make Tuesdays special. To take advantage of special offers, follow Zevy’s Pizza on Instagram at zevyspizza, and on Facebook at Zevy’s Pizza. Zevy’s Pizza is located at 10-16 River Rd. in Fair Lawn.

You can also view and order from Zevy’s menu by visiting www.zevysnj.com.

By Ellie Wolf