Thursday, January 20, 2022

When Bergenfield resident Michelle Frohlich started the Facebook group “Teaneck/Bergenfield Jewish Dogs” back in December, it wasn’t long before the BIG question was asked: “What’s the story with dog food on Pesach? Can we just give any grain-free kibble?” With over 100 members and counting, the comments quickly poured in.

According to the OU’s website, “Since it is forbidden to own or benefit from chametz during Passover, food that contains chametz may not be fed to pets. However, it is permitted to give pets food that contains kitniyot.” The Star-K even distributes a list of Kosher for Passover permissible products for your four-legged family member that you can check out right here: https://www.star-k.org/articles/wp-content/uploads/2021PetFoodListandFAQ.pdf

So where’s the best place to find these products?

Enter Elena Scarlett, veritable Bergen County dog whisperer and owner of Companion Pet Food Supply. Located at 441A Cedar Lane in Teaneck, the store stocks a carefully curated selection of high-quality pet foods, treats and products that contain the finest ingredients and are free from additives and other unhealthy fillers.

When I first walked into Companion Pet Food Supply, I was in search of a replacement for my dog Dylan’s pet food. The brand I had been using was undergoing major production problems and would not be available for the foreseeable future.

I handed Elena the almost-finished bag of kibble—a brand she emphatically states she does not stock!—and after studying the ingredients for a few moments, marched me over to a stack of Annamaet Original Small Breed Dog Food bags that she assured me would make for the tastiest and easiest transition for Dylan. (She was right on both counts, by the way.) She patiently explained the benefits and differences between her offerings and other brands, and how they can affect our furry companions.

Wandering through the shop, my daughter excitedly called me over to a crate by the register that held bags of dog treats bearing—I kid you not—the Kof-K hechsher. Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats come in an assortment of flavors including apple, blueberry, cranberry, banana and pumpkin yam. Upon noticing our interest in the kosher selection, Elena immediately showed me her ample selection of pet food that are Passover-approved, according to the Star-K list, which she conveniently keeps in the store!

Of course, always check with your vet, but Elena suggests to begin transitioning your pet this week to the Passover recommendations to get your pet used to the new food by March 27.

Elena, who grew up in Harlem, moved with her husband, two children and two dogs to Teaneck back in 2014. “We became interested in pet nutrition when our family cat, Kailey, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away,” she said. “We were devastated and knew we had to educate ourselves and come up with a healthy regime for our next pet.”

They adopted their next pet, a dog named Lex, who suffers from severe skin allergies. After careful research, they found that the many brands currently on the market did not have quality ingredients. “We as pet parents were tired of the constant veterinarian visits and medications. There had to be an alternative to feed my companions healthy and nutritious food. Companion Pet Food Supply was born out of our search to find the best pet food on the market.”

Companion Pet Food Supply offers free local delivery with a $25 minimum. Store hours are Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The website is https://www.companionpetfoodsupply.com.

“Companion Pet Food Supply’s goal is to provide your best friend with the best quality pet food available.We want to support you in providing proper nutrition to your pet, hopefully resulting in a happier, longer life. Together we can improve our companion’s lives one meal at a time.”

By Ronit Mershon


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