Saturday, June 19, 2021

Many of you have become familiar with the signage that became extremely popular in the past year and half under the excellent management of Kristin and her husband, Erick. Card My Yard Paramus gave all of us the opportunity to rave loudly about our special occasions at a time when all celebrations were limited to outdoors. It became such a hit that lawn signs continue to be seen across the area.

The duo’s entrepreneurial spirit has now extended to a new venture. Kristin and Erick, parents of two energetic children, became excited when they heard about Kona Ice. This venture allows the couple to provide a fun Kona Ice truck to entertain both adults and children at parties and offer them a new and different treat.

The jovial-looking truck is geared for party animals who want to do something new and different. Equipped with vats of shaved ice which is scooped into cups, the Kona Ice truck lets customers choose whatever flavor they want to have poured over their ices. (Remember the days of sno-cones?) Whether you crave Bahama Mama, Fireball, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada or the vast array of other flavors, it will be necessary to visit this truck often.

Surrounding communities have various zoning ordinances regarding having a truck pull up without permission. We are fortunate that in Teaneck the truck has no restrictions; and in Bergenfield, as long as the truck is attending a party it is allowed as well. If someone would like the truck to visit a street in Bergenfield, as long as the money is paid by one individual, as many people as are interested can come and join in the fun.

The truck is available in every community that The Jewish Link reaches, and the ices are under hashgacha.

As a special for Jewish Link readers, there is currently a promotion to anyone interested in combining Card My Yard with the Kona Ice truck. The discount for Card My Yard would be 20%. The Kona Ice truck alone now has a promotion of 5% for the readers of The Link. Generally the truck spends about an hour at a party, depending upon the number of scoops needed to be distributed. At a recent event with 400 scoops enjoyed by many, the truck spent about two and a half hours at the venue.

Kudos to Kristin and Erick for the ingenuity in bringing new and different ideas to our communities. Get ready to see the Kona truck visiting frequently in all of the communities in New Jersey that The Link services.

The easiest way to reach them for further information or to book an appointment is at 917-830-3322 or [email protected].

By Nina Glick


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