Monday, January 24, 2022

What do you do when you keep kosher and you’re in a new city? Maybe you’re travelling for business, maybe for pleasure. You’ve been stuck in a bad spot before when you had to scramble to find a kosher meal when in an unfamiliar place. Who wants to rely on mushy PB&J sandwiches and granola bars? After all, you’re a Jewish foodie who loves fine food.

Well, Kosher GPS, in partnership with My Jewish Listings, is here to serve you, and it’s coming this October 2021.

Just open the free app with your GPS location turned on and you’ll find all of the tasty kosher meals you can order directly through Kosher GPS. From brisket to pizza, it’s all there for you to try. The Kosher GPS app lists a large variety of kosher restaurants from all over the world and is always updating to add new kosher restaurants.

Currently, Kosher GPS lists over 6,000 kosher places to eat! What are you craving? On Kosher GPS, you can find delicious kosher appetizers, drinks, entrees and desserts. Before you choose, you can read through reviews of each restaurant to make the best choice.

“I was stuck without decent kosher options until Kosher GPS, and I’m a major foodie. Now I use it every time I travel,” said Ariel Schwartzberg.

The exciting news about Kosher GPS is that it has developed new features. If you’re looking for a deal, just click on the “promos” tab on the bottom and get discounts and promotional offers from restaurants. Another new feature is being able to filter by price, ratings and other criteria to match your preferences. However, the biggest new feature is that now, you can order from any restaurant straight from the app. No extra steps! Just scroll through your options, read the restaurant reviews, and when you’ve decided on what you want to eat and from where, just go ahead and order through Kosher GPS.

Noam Volstein is a happy user. “It’s easy to use, and I’m not a technical person. I like discovering new restaurants while keeping kosher.”

With over 200,000 downloads and 50,000 active monthly users so far it’s one of the best and most user-friendly apps. We receive daily emails from our users informing us of kashrut changes, new openings and closures, so you have up-to-date information.

Kosher GPS is easy to use. You can search by restaurant name, address or zip code. Once you find what you’re looking for, just click the phone icon and verify the hashgacha. To find places nearby, just perform a “Near me” search.

While Kosher GPS is a great source for kosher food, that’s not all it does. It also lists local Orthodox places to visit for minyans and mikvahs.

The establishments shown on Kosher GPS have kosher supervision for Jews who keep to kashrut and need to follow a stricter diet. Although we recommend calling restaurants to verify, Kosher GPS listings feature the most reputable kosher certifications or private certifications.

The Kosher GPS app also displays special promotions and discounts from various kosher restaurants in your local area and the place you’re visiting. You can download Kosher GPS starting in October 2021 for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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