Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Located right at the store’s entrance, Nuts Factory will capture your attention immediately and probably sidetrack you from the original reason you came to the store. The expansive and beautiful product display bins off to the right of the entrance beckon shoppers to stop and take a look. Immediately noticeable is the high quality of the products as well as the surprising variety.

According to Din Allall, the owner of Nuts Factory, most varieties of the nuts come from their ideal global growing locations. Allall is a third-generation family member of this business, which has a 20-year history. “One of our business goals is to be transparent about our products and how they are prepared. All nuts are dry roasted on site, and customers can watch the process right here.” Allall says there is no oil added to the roasting process, which preserves the best and natural flavor of the nuts. The roasted flavored nuts are made with time-honored proprietary family recipes.

Many of the products are grown in Israel, and their halva is “homemade” as well. Samples are available on a table near the scale station, and people could be heard saying, “This halva melts in your mouth.”

In addition to nuts, there is a large variety of beautiful dried fruit, and Allall noted that the dates (which were plump and large, not shriveled or sticky) are from Eilat, near the Arava. “We wanted to provide a real market experience right inside the store, in addition to the high-quality of the products,” he said. For example, the baklava comes from two sources: one from Israel and others from a local Turkish supplier. “We also want to educate people about the spices. The spice bins have a QR code on them so people can upload recipes for using the spices.” The spice section is extensive.

One of the featured products in the candy section is the homemade chocolate bark, produced privately in a family chocolate factory in Manhattan. Chocolate products are a mix of pareve and dairy options, some with fruit and nuts, and a large variety of other popular sweets.

Nuts Factory also carries tea and tea infusions, which they make.

Allall reported that they are currently operating 175 stores inside supermarkets.

Nuts Factory is supervised by Rabbi Mehlman of National Kosher Supervision. Hours of operation inside Shoprite are 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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