Tuesday, August 16, 2022

They are back in full force! After two years of offering their ice cream specialties in the safest possible environment it is with great pleasure that Syed Rivzi of Ice Cream on Grand invites everyone back to enjoy the flavors of his delicious homemade ice cream as well as the ambiance surrounding the property. Finally there is no more juggling as servers would have to run out to cars to serve patrons in the safest COVID environment possible. Come inside, look over the amazing array of flavors (usually about 32) with the capacity to make up to 40 flavors.

This year’s newest flavors are “cherry cherry” and guava.

Activities begin early in the morning while most are fast asleep as the ice cream is prepared to be ready for the opening at noon each day. The store remains open until 10 p.m. with the exception of Saturday night at 10:30 p.m..

As well there are always three sugar free choices available. The workforce at Ice Cream on Grand on a rotating basis is approximately 35 people. Anyone interested in joining their group is welcome to go online and fill out a form to apply. I often wonder how so many of their employees remain slim despite working in an environment of great taste and lots of creamy calories. Obviously the hard work is a reward for tasting and not gaining weight. As Syed discussed with me, those who complain about the calories are generally those who go home and sit in front of the TVs or computers for most of the evening instead of taking a walk or a jog.

Whereas in the past many flavors were made from jars of essence the entire industry has changed and now they are dealing primarily with fresh flavors and fruits or canned items. Some history that perhaps many do not know about this delicious dessert venue: Originally a Carvel, the store and later the property was bought by its present owner. He has been involved in the ice cream business for 25 years. As is evident from the magnificent surroundings of the parking area, Syed is constantly working on upgrading and making the surroundings more beautiful. He works with two different landscapers and changes the look of the surroundings several times a year. As I have mentioned in the past, the back of the edifice is the perfect place for a romantic proposal or a party and it is possible to rent the space from Syed and one can be sure that he will make it well worth your while.

We spoke briefly about the rising cost of everything and the difficulty in getting certain items. Working together with the rabbonim of the Kof K, he is anxious to do whatever is necessary to keep all of his products under the proper supervision. Recently he has been considering a vegan flavor but has had quite a bit of difficulty in procuring the necessary kosher ingredients that would stand up to his quality of perfection in taste.

As an aside, Syed is soft spoken, and is extraordinarily kind. His business ethic is pristine and vendors know that working with him is a pleasure.

For those who love ice cream together with a great place to enjoy it I urge you to head over to Ice Cream on Grand, 523 Grand Avenue in Englewood!

By Nina Glick

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