Thursday, March 23, 2023

Shabbat2Go was originally targeted as a convenience to young professionals and college students living in Manhattan who wanted good quality Shabbat food via delivery. Proprietor Chaim Greenberg knew they weren’t going to be shopping for ingredients or spending Thursday night cooking, even if they did have a functional kitchen (which many didn’t). So he decided, “Let’s bring Shabbat to them, with a click of a button!”

Moving to Westchester in 2020, Greenberg quickly realized that Westchester also lacked kosher food options. Since then, delivery has expanded from Westchester and Manhattan to Stamford and New Jersey. In addition to home delivery, Shabbat2Go offers a delicious and expansive menu for kiddushes, shul functions and private parties. The really good news is: Shabbat2Go is now offering expanded delivery to include Bergen County and Riverdale, with a Thursday 3 p.m. order deadline for Shabbat, and a Tuesday September 20 order deadline for Rosh Hashanah.

Of the favorite menu items is their Moroccan fish. Greenberg, an Israeli, asks: “Would you expect anything less? Growing up, Shabbat dinner always included fish after motzi. I put a lot of love into my cooking and there’s just something about all the flavors and spices that go into this fish. The colors are so vibrant; it has a little kick and people just love it.”

Another amazing item is his mother-in-law’s famous browned rice. “It’s one of our most popular dishes.” Greenberg says that after enjoying this dish many times at the family’s Shabbat table, he just had to add it to the Shabbat2Go menu. Apparently lots of customers agree!

Addressing the growing importance of providing options that are nut-free, gluten-free or vegetarian and pareve, Greenberg had this to say: “All of our items are made to order. So if someone has an allergy, food sensitivity or any special request, if we can accommodate, we most certainly will. Our menu offers something for everyone. We have meat, fish, pareve, veggie, and we also make a mean vegan meatball. We’ve catered several events with those meatballs as one of the dishes.”

His sights on the future, Greenberg’s vision for Shabbat2Go is to become the Uber Eats of Shabbat dining—a reasonably priced, nationwide option for kosher Shabbat food delivery. “We are talking to Kitchen Partner down in Florida and looking for more kitchen partners to work with.

“People value their time, and they don’t want to consume it with shopping and hours cooking and preparing. We’ve delivered dozens of Shabbat packages to Manhattan for people who are staying in a hotel in need of Shabbat food. They don’t have time to go to a store; they’re not familiar with where to go; and they don’t necessarily have a store near where they are staying. What could be easier than having this option? Pick what items you want and it’s delivered right to your door … or hotel lobby.”

Greenberg’s passion for Shabbat2Go is that food brings people together. Shabbat morning after davening, when people join the kiddush for a hot bowl of Shabbat2Go cholent, they’re happy. He loves that their service can also provide someone the opportunity to take a break from cooking for themselves, or that a friend can send a delicious, professional and attractive Shabbat dinner just for fun, for a simcha, for a shiva or other difficult time.

People appreciate being thought of, and a fresh hot meal always makes a good difference. “When people tell me how much they enjoyed a certain dish it puts a smile in my heart,” said Greenberg. “I don’t ‘fish’ for compliments … but when they come, it just makes me so happy, whether it’s Moroccan fish or gefilte fish.”

For information or to place an order, visit the website at www.shabbat2go.com or call Shabbat2Go, 201-381-1455. Free delivery for orders over $200; otherwise $15.

By Ellie Wolf


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