Monday, March 27, 2023

All of us at The Jewish Link are happy to welcome the latest addition to the Bagel Boss family to its new location at 1280 Teaneck Road. Bagel Boss began its adventures with the taste buds of New Yorkers approximately 40 years ago and they have grown far and wide. We took advantage of their newest venture with a platter of delicious wraps and salads (yes they have more than bagels), and devoured them before any of us had time to really discuss.

The bagels are baked daily, fit for each person’s taste buds, and are welcoming, crisp and fresh. For those who are watching themselves and want to pretend that they are saving calories, flagels are available as well.

There are breakfast specials, omelets, eggs on bagels, and freshly brewed coffee which, rumor has it, will be coming along with your choice of bagel or omelet as a bonus from the store owners.

There is a variety of at least 10 salads, and a choice of one accompanies any type of bagel sandwich. My favorite is definitely egg, mushroom and onion; however, for the tuna experts out there, choosing which one to eat might be difficult as there are several choices. All kinds of cream cheeses, lox and smoked fish options, as well as several different types of egg salads, make the choice slightly difficult. Again, you get to choose an accompanying salad, and I have taken a liking to the broccoli salad. However, I noticed many taking the potato salad which had big chunks of potato in it; there is also bean salad, cabbage salad and others which are now beyond my memory. While eating my egg, mushroom and onion on a toasted whole wheat bagel I observed buyers purchasing types of bagels with which I was unfamiliar. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and sampled the French toast bagel, which I found to be a combination of sweet and tangy. Sometimes it pays to give new things a try. We can all do sesame, poppy and everything, but I found that there was a sense of adventure in trying a flavor that had escaped me in the past. We all know that kids can be picky eaters, but Bagel Boss has seen to their needs as well. Pizza bagels are available, along with plenty of drinks such as chocolate milk and fruit beverages.

Bagel Boss is excited to welcome Sam (Shmuely) Fischer as its manager. Sam, who grew up in the Beth Aaron community, started off as a teen working in the kosher food industry here in Teaneck, and this is the culmination of many years of hard work while he completes his studies in business management. He has a big smile on his face, especially when he sees friends and neighbors coming in and finding him behind the counter. If you have any special needs feel free to call Shmuely and he will be more than eager to help out.

Bagel Boss is now inviting all students, teachers, members of TVAC and BVAC to avail themselves of a 10% discount. They recognize their hard work and would love to see them. They are also eager to cater brises, Shabbat kiddushes (obviously dairy or pareve) and have provided food for Shalosh Seudat in many shuls on Long Island. Speaking of Shabbat, on Fridays they have freshly baked challah (come early). In discussions with the Bagel Boss crew I made them aware of the fact that there are local groups for seniors, teens and everyone in between that would love to visit a new venue for a lecture or just a shmooze with coffee, a bagel and/or a delicious muffin. Unfortunately for my diet I did try one. Quite yum! Call them to arrange for your group to come and have a nosh. They are online at BagelBossTeaneck.com and download the Bagel Boss app for BOSS points and simple ordering for pickup and delivery. Check out all of the specials in this week’s Link and enjoy a great addition to our community with a totally new vibe!

By Nina Glick


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