Monday, June 05, 2023

Teaneck—Hankering for a burrito? You’re not the only one. Realizing the need for a strong Mexican food presence on Teaneck’s restaurant row, Glatt Express’s Dani Secemski is stepping up to the plate to provide Carlos and Gabby’s meals to the many students and others who come to Queen Anne Road from nearby schools to grab lunch during the week.

“Since I was at YU, I had this idea that Carlos and Gabby’s should deliver packaged meals,” Secemski told JLNJ. And now he’s making that happen at Glatt Express.

The freshly packaged, single meals will be delivered hot daily at 11:30, and will be kept in a heated display case so they can be eaten right away. The Carlos and Gabby’s display will be situated right next to Sushi Studio, and will be available Sunday through Thursday.

Lunch choices are set to include chili, burritos, wraps and chicken tenders, and also meals with two components, such as beef or chicken with rice.

“We asked the students what kind of food they like, or what restaurants they would like to see here. Carlos and Gabby’s came up a lot,” said Secemski.

Carlos and Gabby’s has five locations in the metropolitan area, serving bright and flavorful Mexican, glatt-kosher fare. The fleishig lunches at Glatt Express will be delivered from the Riverdale restaurant and the price will be essentially the same one would pay at the restaurant, between $9 and $14 for a main course. To learn more, visit https://www.facebook.com/glattexpress/

By Elizabeth Kratz

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