Friday, May 29, 2020

Ezra (Yisroel Mindell) and David (Yaacov Fuchs) are bored and go out in search of summer jobs. Stumbling across a chocolate factory, the boys come up with a new product idea for a chocolate “Meteorbite.” Ezra and David pitch the idea to a money-driven marketing executive, Jerry (Andrew Dars), who takes advantage of them and steals their idea. However, Jerry faces one bureaucracy he can’t bribe his way through: kashrut. Throughout this whirlwind production, Jerry learns the ins and outs of earning an Orthodox Union certification.

The film, produced by the Orthodox Union, can be viewed online. The OU’s goal is to use entertainment to teach people about the ins and outs of kashrut. It also includes an educational bonus video following Ezra and David on a trip to the grocery store as they show Jerry all the common kosher pitfalls. They explain that keeping kosher is more than what meets the eye on the ingredient list—there is so much we don’t know! For example, carmine, a common food coloring, comes from a non-kosher beetle extract and lots of dair products may contain non-kosher enzymes, whey, stabilizers and gelatin. Before Jerry gets too overwhelmed, the boys assure him that if there is an OU on the label, it’s as kosher as kosher can be.

“Just because a person wears a nicer suit than you, doesn’t mean he’s smarter than you,” says Ezra. “Always believe in yourself and follow your dreams.” Throughout this heartwarming and engaging film, the audience learns important lessons about friendship, integrity and, most importantly, kashrut.

To watch the film and bonus video, and access the attached informative teacher study guide, go to www.oukosher.org/outer-space-kosher.

By Bracha Leah Palatnik