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After the Three Weeks, How About a Beery Roast?

This recipe is from Second Helpings, Pleaseby Norene Gilletz. It is easy and delicious.


1 three pound top rib

1 bottle or can of beer

1 1/2 cups of


Hershey S’mores Cupcakes

Hershey’s S’mores Cupcakes—delicious chocolate cupcakes with a  graham cracker crust, filled with light and fluffy marshmallow filling and topped with milk chocolate ganache.

Serves: 16



Breakfast for the Break-Fast

I know that many people are loyal to the bagels and lox menu for Tisha B’Av break fast but in the Palatnik home, we take the term “break fast” literally. After all, why should the first thing you eat be a lunch or dinner food—you haven’t even had breakfast yet!

Most of the food can be



California Gourmet’s Chocolate Chips Garner Rave Reviews

Last year, after many months of a chocolate chip cookie famine caused by the Trader Joe’s brand of chocolate chips changing its kosher designation to dairy, a product appeared in Teaneck’s Cedar Market as an end to all our troubles. At first, these 45%


Inbal Hotel Opens Brazilian-Style Grill

Jerusalem—The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel has unveiled its latest culinary masterpiece in time for this summer with its Brazilian-themed “Inbal Grill.” The seasonal, al fresco dining option is housed in the picturesque courtyard of Jerusalem’s most premium property, with Executive Chef Nir Elkayam and his team of professionals


CKCA’s Summer Cooking Intensive Serves Up White Gazpacho

A perfect three weeks recipe, written by Center for Kosher Culinary Arts’ Summer Cooking Intensive 2014 Chef Instructor Carla Contraras (inspired by Chef Michelle Bernstein’s Cuisine a Latina). CKCA’s summer in Manhattan program added a special late-summer cooking intensive course due to popular demand since their first sold


Pereg’s New Line of Ancient Grains: Healthy, Filling and Exotic

There’s a host of super grains, some well known and others still under the radar, each with their own unique set of benefits. Most are packed with B vitamins, magnesium and other important minerals and nutrients. Some whole grains, such as quinoa, are considered complete proteins (containing all 8 essential amino acids). Since


‘Outer Space Kosher’ Is Out of This World

Ezra (Yisroel Mindell) and David (Yaacov Fuchs) are bored and go out in search of summer jobs. Stumbling across a chocolate factory, the boys come up with a new product idea for a chocolate “Meteorbite.” Ezra and David pitch the idea to a money-driven marketing executive, Jerry (Andrew Dars), who takes


Asia’s Watermelon-Bread Trend Comes to Teaneck

Watermelon what? You read it right: The hottest trend to hit Taiwan and South Korea this summer is bakery-baked watermelon bread. Jimmy’s Bakery in Yilan County, Taiwan, has become an Instagram sensation with Jimmy’s beautifully dyed breads. Butterflake’s Richie Heisler is not far behind, as he’s been working vigorously to


At Long Last, Izzy’s BBQ Addiction to Open in Crown Heights

(combined sources)Brooklyn native Sruly “Izzy” Eidelman learned how to smoke kosher meats using a wood-fired grill in the backyard of his parents’ Borough Park home—where he began selling his unique barbecue via delivery and catering in 2013. For the last year he has been tantalizing potential customers with word of the


Quick Yummy Recipes: Frozen Cranberry Horseradish Side Dish

A surprise because of its content but extremely yummy with Shabbos meat dishes. Serve frozen—defrost for five minutes before serving.


1 can wholeberry cranberry sauce

½ cup of red


Nine Days Chilled Lentil Salad With Cilantro

During the Nine Days, when families generally avoid eating meat, there is a challenge of finding enough protein sources to satisfy everyone. The humble lentil therefore offers itself up as a delicious, if oft-ignored choice, and in this recipe, paired with a zesty vinaigrette, fresh cilantro and sun dried tomatoes, it’s sure to

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