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Old School Brisket: A Shortcut Meets a Slow Roast

In 2013, Chanukah arrived exceptionally early, obliging homemakers and cooks to comingle Thanksgiving, the quintessential fall holiday, with the definitively wintry festival of lights. Cooking magazines, culinary columns, and food networks put on quite a display, as though the melding of two entirely different gastronomic


For Fall or Winter: Garbage Soup is the Best!

With a chill in the air, soup is always a delicious way to fill your belly and warm the cockles of your heart. A hearty, geshmack soup with sandwiches and salads on the side would fit the bill. You can order them in from your favorite caterer or take out place, or take the time to prep your favorites. This recipe makes enough soup


Curative Cocktails: A Little Zing for Fighting Wintertime Ills

While the official start of winter may still be a few weeks away, in Bergen County winter-like weather has already set in, and it looks like we can look forward to some months of cold, wet weather–the sort of conditions in which coughs and colds abound. When I find myself falling under the weather, wine ceases to be my beverage


Chocolate Cake… So Easy...Anyone Can Make

If asked what your favorite cake is, I believe most people would answer chocolate. It is so easy to make; there are thousands of chocolate cake recipes and I wanted to narrow down my most favorite few. So here they are….

Chocolate Cake I



Nuts to You!

This is a dairy dish.

Part of Thanksgiving is that familial revolving door, as family arrives to visit. Grandparents, uncles, cousins, all are excited about the main event, the turkey with all the trimmings, and often linger over the weekend. Kids return from college for more than


The Wonderous Wines of Thanksgiving

A lot of people have been asking us, what kind of wine should I serve on Thanksgiving? It’s a complicated question, because the holiday can give way to a wide range of dishes and personalities alike.

“Thanksgiving is when a great diversity of humanity comes to your


Highlights of Kosherfest 2014

Where can you bring together Kosher for Passover hamburger buns, pareve shwarma and gluten-free muffins? Welcome to Kosherfest 2014, the largest Kosher food product expo this side of the Mississippi. In its 26th year, Kosherfest showcases both new and exciting innovations in Kosher food products and good, old-fashion favorites; and


Fish: The Tasty Brain and Heart Food

Fish, a versatile pareve food is healthy and yummy at the same time. From gefilte fish to salmon filets, from flounder to sea bass, the preparation and flavoring possibilities are endless. Salmon is a special favorite, and gefilte fish loaves can be prepared in new and tasty ways, too. The idea is to get your family to eat healthy


Frosting Favorites

Cakes are special but it’s the frosting on top that is seen almost immediately. Whether you choose to pipe it on in a decorative pattern or just spread it on with a knife, it should be fantastic looking but yet easy to prepare. Here are some of my favorites.



Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Research Associate at Southern Cross University

Most of what we taste we actually smell. The only sensations that we pick up in our mouth are sweet, sour, bitter, umami and salty. Without its smell, coffee would have only a sour or bitter taste due to the organic acids. Try it with your


Gotham Burger to Demonstrate Elegant, Affordable Shabbos at Kosherfest

On Tuesday, November 11, Avi Roth, owner and chef of Teaneck’s Gotham Burger, will make Shabbos dinner for hundreds of people–he’s going to show the foodies attending Kosherfest how to prepare a fabulous Shabbos meal to impress and satisfy guests without being excessive. “People get bogged down in doing too much:


Let’s Go Bananas!!!

Bananas are low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. Bananas are great for a quick snack on the go or just about any time. The good news is if bananas start to go bad, you can freeze them for later use in a cake or muffin recipe so they will never go to waste. Here are some good banana recipes for you:

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