Friday, May 20, 2022

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Camel Caramel Bars and Two-Nations Muffins

Chaya Sarah and Toldot

Parshat Chayei Sarah inspiration:

And the servant took 10 of his master’s camels, and he went…to the city of Nahor. And he made the camels kneel outside the city beside the well


Kushner’s Cobra Cafe Is Up and Running

During the 2020-2021 school year, with full COVID protocols still in place, Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School was already planning for what has now become “the new normal.” In an effort to demonstrate “respect and appreciation to the student body,” school leadership worked with


Israeli-Grown Vanilla Is About to Disrupt the Industry

Vanilla is a paradox. One of the world’s most popular flavors is among the least studied.

And that’s why Oren Zilberman, CEO of the Israeli startup Vanilla Vida, sees the largely uncharted territory of the great bean as a “blue ocean opportunity.”


Sold-Out Kosher Food Expo Draws Supporters Of Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

A sold-out crowd of 250 enjoyed food, wine and comradery at the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Kosher Food Expo at Englewood’s Congregation Ahavath Torah on Monday, October 11. Restaurants and caterers from Bergen County and beyond set up tables to provide a delectable


Egyptian Torte and Angel Food Cake for Lech Lecha and Vayeira

Parshat Lech Lecha inspiration:

“But it occurred, with Abram’s coming to Egypt, the Egyptians saw that the woman (Sarai) was very beautiful. When the officials of Pharaoh saw her, they lauded her for Pharaoh and the woman was taken to Pharaoh’s house. And he treated Abram


Why Is Kayla’s Gelato On West Englewood in Teaneck a Big Secret?

When I think of ice cream, I think of Baskin Robbins, Ice Cream on Grand and Ben & Jerry’s (when I still ate it), but when I think of gelato, it reminds me of when I was in Italy, or more recently, Golda’s Gelato in Israel.

So I was excited to hear


Victory Is Sweet for Teaneck’s Melissa Alt, Winner of Food Network Competition

Chocolate is anything but creepy. Except when Food Network teamed up with Hersheypark to host “Creepy-Crawly Carnival,” the first of four episodes in “Chocolate Meltdown: Hershey’s After Dark.” Three cake artists spent a night at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, racing against the clock and each other to


What to Do With an Etrog After Sukkot

Joan Nathan, Jewish cookbook author, once wrote in her “Jewish Holiday Cookbook”: Embalm it! The purpose, then, is to make a spice box for Havdala.

Make multiple perforations with a pointed, narrow tool. Insert hard, dry, whole cloves into the etrog, up to but not including the heads,


Introducing ‘Edible Parsha’ With Parshat Bereishit and Noach

During this last challenging year, I started making a weekly Shabbat dessert with my kids. What started as simply a chinuch activity while making a delicious treat together turned out to be something that kept my family engaged in Torah conversations through the entire year. The inspiration for each week’s dessert is a pasuk from


The River Wine Makes a Kosher ‘Super Tuscan’

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … no, it’s a kosher Super Tuscan!

Just as rare as Superman, in time for the Sukkot season is The River Wine’s first “Super Tuscan” wine, the Aura di Valerie Zaffiro 2019 Toscana IGT. This bold, bright, plummy red wine is soft,


Stuffed Vegetables for Sukkot

Shara’s Stuffed Tomatoes

This is my daughter’s recipe.

  • halved tomatoes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 T. bread crumbs

What Can You Do With a Fig?

Fig Clafouti

6 servings

Clafoutis are a wonderful quick and beautiful dessert to make with fruit. They originated in the 19th century in France and were traditionally made with cherries. This is adapted from a Food & Wine

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