Friday, February 03, 2023

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Glatt Kosher Haitian and Pescatarian Indian Pop-Up Dinners Delivering to NJ And NY Suburbs Next Week And During The 9 Days

(Courtesy of PopSup) Introducing: PopSupNYC glatt kosher dinner series featuring the best chefs in New York. Broaden your culinary horizons and experience new cuisines from around the world! PopSupNYC works with the top chefs in New York to provide access to cuisines such as Indian, Haitian, Thai, Nepalese and


Mocha Bleu 2.0 Launches

Last month I suggested to a friend that we go out for a drink to celebrate her birthday. Only afterwards did I realize there were no places nearby. Now, I’m happy to report, there is.

Mocha Bleu in Teaneck, already known as a bistro and patisserie, has a


Love Coffee? Misceo and Gaia Coffee Roasters Have Two New Ways to Get Your Fix

For those who love the flavor of coffee like I do, two kosher products have now made their way into the public consciousness, catapulting what once were two niche Jewish entrepreneurs into the mainstream artisan coffee marketplace. Misceo, which Nina Glick and I tasted at Kosherfest back in 2019, is a delicious coffee


Whole Salmon With Mustard Sauces Before the Nine Days

  Broiled Salmon with Mustard Sauce

6 servings

I am not sure where this recipe came from, but it is perfect for a summer evening.

I used this on the broiler rather


Edible Parsha: Rock Candy and Parfaits

Parshat Chukat Inspiration:

“The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: … ‘You shall bring forth water for them from the rock and give the congregation and their livestock to drink.’ … Moses raised his hand and struck the rock with his staff twice,


Kashrut Alert: JetBlue Sued By Kof-K in NJ Over Using Its Logo for Uncertified Snack

(Courtesy of YWN) Kof-K has sued JetBlue Airways in federal court, saying the airline has been unlawfully using its logo to advertise food as kosher despite Kof-K not certifying them.

Specifically, the lawsuit filed against JetBlue states that the airline sells an artichoke snack as certified by


Carbon Comes to Crown Heights

As you approach Carbon Charcoal Bar & Grill, it’s easy to smell the charcoal from a good 50 yards away. Something about that smell helps add to a sense of anticipation before you even walk in the door.

Walking inside, you’ll see a


Squash for Summer: Not Only Zucchini

Squash are categorized into summer and winter. Although zucchini is a summer squash, there are others with soft, tender edible skin and moist flesh. Here are some recipes to try.


Malka’s Squash Appetizer or


Cold Cucumber Soups for Summer

Surprise! Cucumbers are a creeping vine plant and actually a fruit. They are most known for slicing and pickling. There are many different kinds of cucumbers, including burpless/seedless. Cucumbers are 95 percent water and high in vitamin K and potassium. They promote hydration, are low in calories and help reduce blood sugar


Sender’s Smoke Joint Offers Summer Lunch Specials

Just in time for summer, Sender’s Smoke Joint at 190 West Englewood Avenue in Teaneck is offering exciting lunch specials in three categories. At the center of the Teaneck kosher food district and under the RCBC’s hashgacha, Sender’s Smoke Joint follows a rustic, Western theme with ’80s hits


Butterflake Bakery Is Expanding

Butterflake Bakery, which opened in 1950, is expanding and opening a second location to use as a commissary and gluten-free/kosher for Pesach production facility. The nut-free kosher bakery famous for challah, babka, cakes, pastries and more is opening its new site on 444 Cedar Lane in Teaneck (its existing location is 448


Sure! You Can Make a Soufflé

We all know soufflés are French, and they actually are associated with two 18th-century chefs— Vincent de la Chapelle, a French cook, who cooked for the wealthy and aristocratic and who mentions it in his 1742 cookbook, and Marie-Antoine Careme, an 18th-century chef who popularized it, perfected it and included it in his

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