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Pretzels Anyone?

There are so many occasions in our lives that we want to bring a little gift to our family and friends. It could be for a Shalom Zachor,a L’chaim, a Refuah Shleimaor even a Kiddush.

These meichelsare perfect for that. If you are using them for a Shalom Zachor, just use the blue chocolates. If


Stay Away From Salad in a Bag

New York Magazine—Getting sick from bagged salad, of all things? It’s safer (and cheaper) to suck it up and trim and wash your own lettuce leaves: Experts at the Center for Science in the Public Interest say the risk of cross-contamination is high in packaged salad mixes — if pathogens are introduced or someone’s used contaminated water. This news


Kosher GPS: Modern Technology The Jewish Way

With school out and the promise of summer, people are vacationing all over the country, from New York to Wyoming to California. But for religious Jews, getting around has not always been easy, when they didn’t know where to find options for dinner, places that guarantee a proper hashgachah, as well as a minyanthat would allow them to make


Seven Bites: The Fresh New Face of Young Kosher Cooking

New York—”If you hated being in the kitchen before, hopefully this blog can show you how simple and stress-free cooking can be.” This is the promise made on Seven Bites, a blog created by Yeshiva University graduates Sara Yitzhaky and Lindsay Wess. Following a commitment of “7 Ingredients or Less,” the blog offers a comprehensive showcase of kosher


Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink: Seudah Shlishit Ideas

During the hot summer months, Shabbos days are long, and I put more emphasis on seudah shlishit. When Shabbos ends at 5:30, a challah roll and some chummus are sufficient, but in the summer, everyone get genuinely hungry by 6! I usually serve a substantial salad and lots of dips, as well as cut up vegetables and chips and salsa. These can all be prepared in


Minty Fresh

Israeli researcher AmnonLichter held two very different apples in his hands. One had been sitting in the fridge for months, rotting, brown and sad-looking. In the other hand was a bright green fruit. Both were picked at the same time, months ago.

What set the two apples apart was a simple Israeli technology developed at Israel’s Volcani


Summer Drinks and Frozen Treats

The heat waves that happen in the summer always take us by surprise.We know that it was likely this hot at some point last summer, but when the temperature tips over 95 degrees there is always someone who says, “It has never been this hot!!”

I had the unique experience of spending the entireTishaB’Av day in Manhattan this year taking care of my


Summer Salad With Roast Vegetables, Dijon Chicken and Orzo

Refreshing cold platters are perfect for dinner on a hot July evening. But one easily forgets that many of the components of great summer salads have to be roasted, grilled, poached, baked or steamed before making it to the table. So as often as possible, I try to prep standard summer ingredients in advance, piggybacking in an oven or even on a


Great Recipes from “Temptations - The Keter Torah Cookbook”

I love to cook, I also love to read about food. I am constantly surfing the web for new recipe ideas, reading food blogs on-line, and skimming magazines that feature food and recipes. But I most enjoy reading cookbooks, often enjoying them as my nighttime reading. But not all my reading leads to actual cooking. Many times the recipes seem too complicated,


Home Chefs Use New Technology to Cook with Ease

(BPT) - Home cooks are spending more time in their own kitchens and less time dining out, according to the Monthly Measuring CupTrend Report. Nearly half of surveyed consumers said they’re dining out less this year than they did in 2012 and are relying more on their cooking skills at home. Fortunately, technology makes it easier than ever for home


Is Soy Part of a Healthy Diet?

Tofu, tempeh and miso all seem like great high protein choices for the nine days. However all these products contain soy, and today many people are leery about consuming soy. Is there reason for their concern?

Soy used to be thought of as a health food. It was an item that vegetarians would eat. It was a good substitute for individuals trying to cut back on


A World of Burritos: Burritolam

It is quite a challenge to locate great Mexican food that is kosher, delicious, and not made in Mexico. Does serving nachos and guacamole make you into a bonafide kosher Mexican establishment? Not really. Is Tex-Mex more Tex than Mex? So as the sign popped up on West Englewood, I decided it was time for me to find out more about the newest player in town,

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