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Ma’adan Hosts Aviv 613 Vodka Tasting

Teaneck—Isn’t vodka an old-world liquor made from potatoes? Not anymore. An Israeli vodka, made by Marc Grossfield and first brought to the neighborhood by Ma’adan Kosher Delicatessen and Catering on 446 Cedar Lane, is distilled from pomegranates, grapes, olives, wheat, barley, figs and dates. The grains and the


The Cheese Guy Wins in Two Categories at Kosherfest’s Annual New Products Competition

The Cheese Guy won in two categories at the recent Kosherfest New Products Competition, held in Manhattan earlier this month. The Cheese Guy’s Double Ale Cheddar Cheese won in the Best Dairy/Cheese category, and its Heirloom Vermont Apple and Maple Syrup Butter won in the Best Jams/Preserves and Dried Fruit category,


It’s as Easy as Pie

Sometimes when a recipe is too easy, it seems almost silly to mention it, let alone write it down. Of course you would already know about it, or have already made it. It’s so easy, it’s not even a recipe. But sometimes, when you put it all together, and it tastes good, and it took minimal effort, you just want to shout from the


The Vanilla Babka That Launched 100 Emails

Teaneck—The Brooklyn-based Shloimy’s Bakery recently attempted to change its recipe for its vanilla babka, which is sold locally at Cedar Market. A public outcry ensued, with calls to Cedar Market and subsequently to Shloimy’s, arguing on behalf of the old recipe. The babka was a delicately lemon-scented vanilla confection


Grape-Nuts Salad

Looking for a different salad with a great crunch? Try this salad.  Keep in mind that it is not necessary to buy authentic Grape Nut Flakes — generic brand works just as well and is probably a saving of about $2.00.  In some cases families might not want to know what those crunch things are — they will love the salad until


An Appley Autumn: Apple Brandy—a.k.a. Jersey Lightning—at George Washington’s Distillery

While largely unknown today, applejack and apple brandy (spirits made from hard apple cider) during the 18th and 19th centuries were among the most popular spirits in the Mid-Atlantic states. Virtually every farmer with some apple trees would freeze distill—or “jack”—apple cider in the winter. As a result


In Advance of Kosherfest, Packaged Pulled Beef Brisket Wins Best in Show

(Koshertoday.com and combined sources)Following industry recognition for its smoked chicken sausages and beef-based “facon,” Jack’s Gourmet BBQ of Brooklyn was the winner of the Best in Show product at the annual Kosherfest New Product Competition, this time for its packaged heat-and-eat pulled beef brisket. The BBQ


Hold the Pumpkin, Please!

Waking up in the dark is no fun! I don’t know about you, but it’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed each day to greet the frigid morning. I’m already desperately missing the warmer weather, despite the world turning into a gorgeous array of crimson, orange and mustard yellow. Leaves crunching underfoot, and


Cocktails for the Cold and Drizzle: Calvados and Citrus

Autumn is here. The leaves are turning, the days are getting appreciably shorter, and that crisp, chilly weather has arrived. In the Kronemer household that means it’s time to dig into the back of the liquor cabinet and pull out the Calvados.

Calvados is a distilled apple cider,


Kalman’s Delicatessen Opens in Springfield

Essex and Union counties welcomed the newest addition to their kosher eateries on Tuesday, October 20, with the grand opening of Kalman’s Delicatessen. Located at 779 Mountain Avenue in Springfield, Kalman’s hours will be Sunday 11-6, Monday through Wednesday 10-6 and Thursday 10-9.

For information


The Kosher Dinner Lady

Eat Your Vegetables!

Maybe some of you don’t particularly care for vegetables. But I know that you know that you should eat more of them. You might not like them boiled; you might not like them steamed; you might not even like them raw; but I know most of you appreciate how


Shlishkes, Shishkales or Gnocchi?

When I was growing up with a Hungarian mom, she used to make shishkales, which was a really special treat. Many years later, I learned that the Jewish world called them some variation of shlishkes, but the rest of the world called this delicacy gnocchi. Whatever you choose to call them, they are fabulous as a side dish, main dish

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