Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Food & Wine

California Red Wine Pairings for Barbecue Season

Every summer, my wine tasting group—which distinguished itself during COVID by stepping in as the professional team creating The Jewish Link Wine Guide rankings—dedicates a tasting to red wines that pair well with summer barbecue foods. This event has become an annual favorite as we all enjoy


Pareve Chocolate Chips Are Back at Trader Joe’s

Chocolate lovers have been missing the kosher pareve semi-sweet chocolate chips at Trader Joe’s since the company ceased production in 2012, and they weren’t shy about letting the company know. Complaints, especially in the Kosher Trader Joe’s Facebook group, appeared to fall on deaf ears, and fleishig meals were left without this


Kosher Grocery Stores Emerge From the Pandemic

The good news for kosher markets is the gradual return of normal life. Customers are venturing into stores with greater confidence. Orders are increasing for shul kiddushes, home parties and events. But the aftereffects of the pandemic tsunami continue to make ripples in grocery store operations.


Get Refreshed With a Summer Salad

Although I have always been one to enjoy a salad, experiencing COVID more than a year ago has curtailed my tastebuds to devour any type of lettuce. I occasionally try to get away with eating fresh spinach, but even that is a chore for me. As a result, I have searched for interesting salads without any form of major greens and have


Estihana Is Ready to Host Large Parties in New Outdoors

As we hit the time of year to celebrate our family’s graduations and more wedding celebrations, Estihana, a family-friendly Asian fusion restaurant on Cedar Lane, recently recreated its outdoor seating area hidden in the back of the restaurant. It is now a three-section, large area


Mocha Red Brings a Kosher Miami/Mexican Riviera Vibe to Union Square in New York

There has never been a kosher steakhouse like Mocha Red. Mocha Red, in Manhattan’s Union Square, is expected to open at the end of June. Owner Naftali Abenaim, who also owns Mocha Burger in Soho and on the Upper East Side, and Mocha Bleu, a gourmet dairy restaurant in Teaneck, New Jersey, said Mocha Red will


Schnitzel or Cutlets: They’re the Same

The word “schnitzel” comes from a German word for “slice,” but Wiener schnitzel actually dates back to 1845 when it referred to a Viennese dish of veal. When the Viennese immigrants came to Palestine in the 1930s, they brought this dish and made it with chicken or turkey.

Today, schnitzel is an


Lamb Is Good for Summer

I love lamb! It is a high quality protein with a lot of vitamins and minerals, as long

as you choose the chops without fat or cut off the fat. Lamb on the grill is a great dinner treat. Here are some lamb chop recipes to try.

Provencal-Style Shoulder


Enjoy Shaved Ices for Your Next Party

Many of you have become familiar with the signage that became extremely popular in the past year and half under the excellent management of Kristin and her husband, Erick. Card My Yard Paramus gave all of us the opportunity to rave loudly about our special occasions at a time when all celebrations were limited to outdoors. It


A Muffin...or a Cupcake?

What’s the difference between a muffin and a cupcake? Cupcakes have butter and sugar creamed to make them fluffy; they are 100% sweet and are really a miniature cake, which usually have a frosting.

Muffins are beaten briefly, have a harder texture and can be sweet or savory.


Aromatic Whites for Shavuot

Because white wines often have pleasantly fruity, flowery or honeyed aromas, there have always been some white wines I don’t enjoy, simply because the scent doesn’t take my fancy. For me, the “drink what you like” school of wine preference is most clear with white wine. I’d just rather


Abeles & Heymann to Sell Hot Dogs at All Trader Joe’s Stores

Award-winning premium hot dog maker will be returning for second year in a row.

(Courtesy of A&H) Abeles & Heymann (A&H), maker of award-winning premium kosher hot dogs for over 67 years, announced that its all-beef kosher hot dogs will be available in time for the big Memorial Day holiday at Trader Joe’s stores

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