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Learning More About Shiloh Winery

“There are a lot of natural advantages for making great wine in Israel,” said Amichai Lourie, winemaker at the popular and successful Shiloh Winery in Israel’s Shomron (Samaria) region.

The Shiloh Winery has an impressive collection of


Pizza Biza Brings Pizza Parties to a New Level

Enjoy fresh pizza made on the spot.

The parties you remember most are the ones with great food and great entertainment. When food is the entertainment, even better. And what could be more engaging, and delicious, than watching chefs make fresh, hot, personalized


Off to a Great Start

With Rosh Hashanah already upon us, we have all been reflecting on the past year while looking forward to the next one. Every year—and even every day and every moment—we always have the opportunity, the choice, to do better, to be better. Growth is a necessary goal to achieve, both as people


For a Sweet New Year

Here are some recipes using honey for your Rosh Hashanah eating.

Two Layer Apple & Honey Cake

This was in my recipes files, but I have made changes and I do not know the source.

  • 2 cups flour

Coming Soon, Kosher Mobile Ordering at Your Fingertips—Free Kosher GPS App!

What do you do when you keep kosher and you’re in a new city? Maybe you’re travelling for business, maybe for pleasure. You’ve been stuck in a bad spot before when you had to scramble to find a kosher meal when in an unfamiliar place. Who wants to rely on mushy PB&J sandwiches and granola bars? After all, you’re a


From New Jersey to Yerushalayim: Matti’s Kitchen—The No.1 Choice for American-Style Cuisine

Delicious and fresh American-style cuisine prepared and available in the middle of Yerushalayim—who would have thought?

Well, when Matti (Fuld) Addess moved to Israel, she had no idea she would soon be running a very popular and successful bakery business—Matti’s


Hot Hummus, Terrific Tahini and Fabulous Falafel at Vish in Tenafly

Luxuriously good cuisine can start with simple, but quality, ingredients. Vish, a pareve, vegetarian eatery in Tenafly specializing in hummus, tahini shakes and falafel, has a surprisingly large variety of sweet and savory dishes. The bold tastes and textures bely their humble


Popsicles, Creamsicles and More

The original “Eppsicle” was invented in 1905 by Francis William “Frank” Epperson of Oakland, California, when he was just 11 years old. The accidental founder of the “ice lolly,” Epperson began selling them as “Popsicles” commercially in 1922.

The Creamsicle came along later,


Long Branch’s New Kosher Attraction: Baked Bear Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches

Imagine you’re a writer for The Jewish Link and your editor suggests that you write a review of a new ice cream place by the Jersey Shore. What do you do?

First, say: “Yes!”

Second, if you know what’s good for you,


Meir Panim Launches Young Chef Training Program

Meir Panim translated from the Hebrew means “brightening faces.” And that is certainly what Meir Panim, one of Israel’s largest charity networks, is dedicated to doing. Meir Panim has branches in Jerusalem, Or Akiva, Tzfat, Tiberias and Dimona. The organization operates a variety of projects that include challah for Shabbat,


Sheba Medical Center Creates ‘Eating Healthy’ Cookbook

(Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) Think of any hospital and images of medical emergencies will come to mind. However, Israel’s “City of Health,” Sheba Medical Center is aiming to change this perception of hospitals being a place for the sick with its new “Eating Healthy” cookbook. Comprising over 70 healthy


Grilling Like an Israeli

Somehow it has become a custom in Israel to begin grilling on Yom Ha’atzmaut and continue on through the summer. As much as we all like our falafel and hummus and tchina, you can walk through the streets and smell the chicken and meats cooking!

Skewered Meat

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