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Geller's Personal Pesach Selection

With Pesach only a week or so away, you might have come across quite a few ads and articles promoting wines for Pesach. I typically write a rather long Megilla with detailed comments and tasting notes on a handful of wines. However, this year, I have decided instead to keep it


Kosher for Passover Pets: Companion Pet Food Supply Stocks Star-K Approved for Passover Kibble

When Bergenfield resident Michelle Frohlich started the Facebook group “Teaneck/Bergenfield Jewish Dogs” back in December, it wasn’t long before the BIG question was asked: “What’s the story with dog food on Pesach? Can we just give any grain-free kibble?” With over 100 members and counting, the comments quickly poured


A New Kosher Fine Dining Experience in White Plains

Looking for a new and exciting culinary experience for your next simcha?

Look no further—Chef Anthony Gonçalves brings years of fine dining expertise to the Jewish community. Chef Anthony currently employs his culinary virtuosity at Kanopi, an upscale Portuguese Hudson


Pesach 2021—You Can Do This!

Reviewing: “My Pesach Kitchen” by Faigy Murray. Mesorah Publications Ltd. 2021. English. Hardcover. 288 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1422627839.

It’s that time of year again.

The hamantaschen have been consumed, the costumes have been hung


Potato Kugel Chicken

Yields 4-6 servings / Meat

When I first moved to Lakewood, my house wasn’t ready yet and I was staying in a tiny one-bedroom furnished apartment. My friend Bracha Fisher invited me for the seudah right before Yom Kippur. This dish was so good! Pure genius! It’s a great way to serve your


Ingredients for a ‘Spirited’ Passover

One of my favorite anecdotes is a likely apocryphal story that dates back to the mid-1950s.  According to this story (first mentioned in print in 1956), a group of engineers were trying to develop an electronic system to translate English to Russian and vice versa. One of the first phrases that they tried was, «The spirit is


Pandemic-Bred ‘Baked by Rachel’ Launches in Highland Park

One staple of common wisdom is that to be successful you should “follow your passion.” If that’s true, one enterprising young woman in Middlesex County is surely on the path to success as she’s combined three passions in her new business.

Rachel Saper grew up in Clovis,


Publisher’s Note

  Dear Readers,

It gives me great pride to present to you our inaugural Jewish Link Wine Guide, of which we are proudly distributing over 40,000 copies to homes across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

We are quite


The Jewish Link Wine Guide 2021

Welcome to the Inaugural Jewish Link Wine Guide

Table of Contents


Publisher's Note by Moshe Kinderlehrer


How Kosher Wine Survived 2020

There is no sugarcoating it. Last year was rough—the pandemic, the lockdowns, the resulting recession, and in some places civil unrest, rising crime and violence, and even a U.S.-EU trade war with tariffs that targeted parts of the drinks trade. There were also the devastating wildfires that


The Heat Is On: California Wines in 2020

2020 was quite a year in California: record heat and fires, COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders. For those in California’s $40-billion wine industry, it was a year like no other. The Jewish Link reached out to a number of California’s kosher winemakers and winery proprietors to learn


Israeli Wine in the Time of COVID

Back in the fall, when the editor of The Jewish Link Wine Guide and I were discussing topics for this magazine, it was the harvest season and Israel had just gone into a hard lockdown. An article on the impact of COVID-19 on the Israeli wine industry seemed to be a very timely story. I had assumed that I would interview Israeli

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