Monday, August 10, 2020

Food & Wine

Run, Don’t Walk, to Passaic’s Great Falls Bistro

The best kept secret in not just New Jersey, but all of the tri-state area, is about to become public knowledge, and when everyone you know starts talking about it, you can say that you heard it here first.

I’m talking about Great Falls Bistro at


Green Chicpea Brings Middle Eastern Flavors to Newark

Billing itself as offering “Middle Eastern cuisine with a gourmet twist,” the Green Chicpea, at 59 Halsey Street in Newark, which opened in 2013, also happens to be strictly kosher. According to the owner/operator, Martin Weber, he, a Southern California native, and his wife, Ronit, from Israel, are partners in everything, even


The Other Side of the Cork: Netofa— The Essence of the Lower Galilee Terroir

I always wanted to write an article on the history of the kosher wine evolution. It is fascinating that here we are in 5779/2019 and we have access to multitudes of kosher wines from the most famous wine regions in the world. We live


Schnitzel Plus Celebrates Grand Opening in Downtown Englewood

Schnitzel Plus has opened in Englewood. The restaurant, a nine-year staple of the Teaneck kosher dining scene, is opening a second store on 6 East Palisade Avenue. Offering everything from burgers to shawarma to chicken platters, Schnitzel Plus hopes to ignite the Englewood kosher food industry and provide the Jewish


Englewood’s Playa Bowls Receives Kosher Certification

Playa Bowls is a 65-location national chain with a surfer ambience and healthy eating menu with a focus on fruit and granola based bowls and beverages. Only New Jersey has two that are kosher: one in Oakhurst, and now, one in Englewood. Playa Bowls, on 38 East Palisade Avenue, has just received


STAR-K Food Service Kashrus Training Seminar Is Worth the Trip

Shai and Maayan Ben-Eli traveled the farthest—5,863 miles from Yerushalayim—to attend the STAR-K Food Service Kashrus Training Seminar held in the agency’s Baltimore offices, August 5-7. The Ben-Elis are being groomed not only as STAR-K mashgichim for their upcoming move to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, but as


Summer Salads From My Kosher Jerusalem Kitchen

The heat of summer is really on and in Jerusalem, which usually has cool evenings, the heat has hit. Who wants to turn on the oven or stand by the stove? Try these cool main-dish salads.

Chicken Salad

4 servings

When I lived in Chicago I went to a “ladies” luncheon one time and this was


Kosher Krispy Kreme Comes to Springfield

Take note, dessert lovers, Krispy Kreme has arrived in Springfield! The franchise has opened a kosher store and factory at its new Route 22 location, and local kosher consumers couldn’t be happier.

“Getting ready for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to open on Route


Break the Fast With Delicious Danish

I have to admit, I love to bake, but don’t have time to patchke. So, if there’s a way to prepare quality baked goods for my family while cutting corners on prep time, I’m in! Tnuva’s de la Créme fillings are the perfect solution for making all kinds of fabulous, professional looking pastries, without the extra work. De la


Traditional, White and Peach Sangria: A Refreshing Summer Punch

As I walk past the wine store I like on Agrippas Street, just before entering the shuk, I marvel at the array of wines on sale and think what great sangria they would make.

The early Greeks and Romans added sugar and spices to their wines. Then there was a period when Spain was


Wandering Que Launches Thursday Nights in Hackensack

Move over, Billy Joel.

Ari White and his second Wandering Que mobile smokehouse, a 28-foot-long, 7,700-pound mobile custom-built trailer with a wood-burning barbecue pit porch, are sure to make Hackensack famous once again, this time for succulent, Texas-style


Soft Serve: Newest Treat at Dunkin’ on Teaneck Road

Now you can enjoy a vanilla soft-serve cone at Dunkin’, with or without sprinkles! It’s a refreshing and delicious treat.