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Hôebeek: Liqueurs to Elevate Your Simchat Yom Tov

Yisroel Messinger is an unlikely liqueur producer.

A Hasidic writer and editor of Sifrei Kodesh, Rabbi Messinger is most comfortable in his library or the beit midrash. But his family’s history of craft production and his analytical nature made the challenge of creating top-quality kosher


A New Balkan Plum Brandy That Is Kosher for Passover

(Courtesy of Yebiga Rakija) If you’re unfamiliar with Rakija (also spelled Rakia), you’re not alone. This is the famed fruit brandy of the Balkan region, also known as slivovitz. Families pass down distilling knowledge of rakija, utilizing fruit from trees in their backyards.

This Serbian


Spring Means Rosé Wine Time

As winter turns to spring, the inky merlots and jammy cabernets in our glasses start to seem a bit heavy when we begin our meals with seasonal light salads, crunchy veggies, fruit soup or grilled fish… It’s time to lighten up! For wine lovers, spring heralds the


Side Dishes for Pesach

Here are some side dishes to accompany your main courses during Pesach.

Cauliflower Rice

(makes 4 servings)

This came from the Food Network channel.


Four Cups and Beyond

As most of our readers know, drinking four cups of wine is a fundamental requirement at the Pesach Seder. Outside of Israel, we celebrate the Seder twice, so that is eight cups of wine! The holiday of Pesach is celebrated for eight days, and so beyond the Seder, there are many more meals


Your New Favorite Seltzer Was Born in Crown Heights

Business is booming—or should we say, fizzing!—for two Crown Heights business owners who put the drink you grew up with into a can.

(Courtesy of Spritzly) It’s simple and brilliant, traditional and brand-new—all at once.

It’s Spritzly. The seltzer


Pesach 5782: Four Cups, Four Recommendations

How do I suggest this night be different from all other nights? I suggest it not be, as far as wine is concerned. Let us free ourselves of the banality of a stale wine cellar, beginning this night. Starting with the first glass.



Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread

Pesach is a time when we are offered a variety of delicious desserts—from chocolates to coconut macaroons to jelly rolls. We all love to have some carbs at the end of a meal—even the afikomen is delicious! In my quest to enjoy some sweets while lowering my carb intake, I have developed Susie’s Stevia Sweets. Perfect for a


Almond Stevia Banana Cake

Every year during that special time after burning the chametz and before the Seder, we often wonder what to eat: no chametz and no matzah! When I was growing up, my Mom would always have a sponge cake made with eggs and potato starch and lots of sugar and it was delicious. Now for lower carb intake, my recipe for banana walnut cake


Riverdale Connects With Israel’s Carmel Winery in Time for Pesach

As our communities prepare for Passover, Riverdale’s Roni Jesselson, president of Carmel Winery for North America, recently displayed his wine-pairing skills at RJC’s cooking demo with Naomi Nachman, and at other local wine-tastings. “Wine brings people together. Wine, whether at a


PJ Library Helps Kids Prep for Passover

Delicious recipes, new and free books, family-friendly Haggadah, podcasts
and fresh-baked ‘Matzah Mania Guide’ to help families celebrate Passover 2022.

(Courtesy of PJ Library) Long a trusted resource for Jewish families in more than 35 countries


Confetti Cake and Pillow Mints

Parshat Tazria inspiration:

“Hashem spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the Children of Israel, saying: When a woman conceives and gives birth…”

We are going to throw a baby shower! This cheery Confetti Cake is perfect for every

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