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Finding Fort Lee

Leaving the city is not easy, especially just as everything else in your life is changing… but with our first baby on the way our “future” demanded a responsible plan and all young Manhattanites know that responsible planning at the home-buying stage usually means saying goodbye to the Upper West Side. Like many city-lovers, if we could have afforded it, we would


Chopstix Cholunt Recipe

1 Order of Scallion Pancakes from Chopstix

3 Onions peeled and sliced

2 Flanken Bones (add as much MEAT as you love!!)

1/2 Cup of Barley

5 large potatoes, peeled and cut in to thirds

2 tablespoons of hoisen sauce (from scallion pancake order)

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

1 tablespoon of Honey

1 tablespoon


Move Over Leftovers

With all the cooking that we tend to do for Shabbosimand yom tovimand other celebratory occasions, there is bound to be leftovers. Some people cannot be bothered and they quickly throw them away. Others use every morsel that they can and become very creative. I, too, have a very hard time throwing away leftovers, so I try to use them in a


This Year’s Thanksnukkah Menu: Latkes, Doughnuts and Turkey

New York—Because of a quirk in the calendar, the first day of Chanukah this year falls on Thanksgivings Day, something that has not happened in many years and is not scheduled to happen again for 77,000+ years. What this means is that the customary promotions for the two holidays will merge this year. Look for the FSI’s to include turkey along with the


Skirting the Issue: Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak in Lettuce Wraps

The writing is on the wall: fewer and fewer families are sitting down to a dinner table where beef is the featured entrée. Between concerns about high fat and cholesterol, and the growing evidence against aspects of factory farming, a large steak dinner raises more red flags than excitement. What to do when the craving calls for steak?

The solution:


Flavor Per Calorie

I’ve been reading an interesting book that I found in the amazing Bergenfield library. It is called Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy and Really Wellby prolific food writer Peter Kaminsky.

As a food writer, I related to his challenge. Peter loved tasting food and in his line of work was reaching an unhealthy weight. He came up with an



Yes, much to the surprise of those of you that know me personally,  I am tackling the subject of diets.  I firmly believe that any diet you go on works, if you follow it.  This means, when you have had a good day of drinking kale and beets, you should not celebrate your success with a box of munchkins. It doesn’t work.  Though bigger than a size six for most of


Ode to Cholent

What is it about cholentthat makes otherwise rational people go slightly nutty? Recently while attending a Kiddushwhere I was nestled near, you guessed it, the kugel and cholent table, a disturbing thing occurred. Suddenly there was an abrupt and alarming announcement.

“We just ran out of cholent!”

No one could believe it; there


More Grocers Turn to Lucrative Catering

New York—An increasing number of supermarkets, mostly kosher independent stores, are offering kosher catering, not so much as a spin-off of their retail grocery business, but as a way of raising the bar on the upscale foods they sell. Some of the supermarkets say that “catering is a good way to build awareness and even brand loyalty.” For some who have invested


Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink: Fall Soup Ideas

Now that the days are cooler, and the air feels like Fall, I have begun to incorporate soups into my family’s nightly supper. Arriving home when it is dark and cold outside, my family enjoys the warmth and coziness of soup waiting for them! We like thicker soups, with lots of vegetables. Sometimes my kids comment that they need a fork rather than a spoon,


Stuffed Cabbage

Stuffed cabbage is a classic Ashkenazi Jewish dish, and everybody seems to have their favorite way of making it. Also known as holishkes, stuffed cabbage leaves were a central part of the Eastern European Jewish diet. When we talk about these types of dishes, it nearly always comes down to one question: “How did Bubbemake it?”

As a child


The Whole Enchilada

I have discovered chocolate with sea salt. I am smitten. And of course, this got me thinking, then reading, about chocolate and cuisine. Enter cocoa, that sublime ingredient which takes proper Mexican cookery to such a delectable level you will never again see jarred enchilada sauce in the same way.

Once you try this aromatic sauce, you will agree that the rest

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