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Tips for new Mother’s Day and Father’s Day traditions

Families have many special traditions to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Starting new traditions around these days is also common. If your family is looking for some new ways to enjoy Mother’s Day or Father’s Day this year, check out these tips and gift ideas that will help make your celebrations special:

Shop, dine or donate - Mother’s Day


Glatt Express Supermarket:

Better than Ever and Still Growing

Shopping at Glatt Express Supermarket in Teaneck brings to mind that old children’s memory game: I went to the store and I bought some apples…and bagels,chicken and deli….All these items and so much more are available in the recently refurbished store on Queen Anne Road, giving the kosher


Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink

When we sat down before Pesach to compare our menus, it was clear we have very different approaches to Pesach cooking. Rayzel and her family embrace the familiarity of traditional Pesach starch substitutes like matzoh lasagna and matzoh brei, while Chavie and her family look forward to lots of roasted vegetables, cold salads and dishes that are not specifically made


A Mother’s Day Story No One Has to Know

After two years of marriage, my husband convinced me to move from our apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the neighborhood where my parents, sister, brother, aunts, uncles and grandparents all still lived. It was hard for me to comprehend why Len found it so difficult to commute daily to his job in Stamford, Connecticut from lower Manhattan, but I finally


A Liberated Pesach

Even Food Matters

Pesach is all about liberation, the process that allows us to receive and grasp Torah and meaningful lives. We can become ever freer by delving deeper into Torah teachings related to Pesach.

After escaping from Egyptian slavery, we had the unleavened bread — our matzoh — that we brought with us and eventually the


Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink

Weeknight Suppers

We returned from the special rush of Passover preparations and holiday food and have resumed the daily grind. One of the challenges we all need to meet is the ability to prepare quick and simple meals on a regular basis. Some households have a weekly schedule of meals, a good friends says hers is something like this: Sunday–leftovers,


Kosher Cooking Captures Culinary Kudos

DeGustibus at Macy’s Herald Square was packed to capacity when Michael Solomonov cooked there on March 5. The delicious two-and-a-half hour demonstration was the second in an over-subscribed series of two kosher cooking classes at the famed New York cooking school.

Solomonov is the executive chef of Philadelphia’s newest landmark for kosher cuisine, Citron


Heimishe Household Welcome Home Challah

Now that Pesach is over, it is appropriate to have a discussion about challah. We look forward on a weekly basis to that special taste of challah that marks the beginning of our Shabbos. There are so many variations that we have been developed over centuries. If you choose to bake your own because you don’t want to stand in line in the bakery, you may enjoy the

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