Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Dekō: The Craft Bottled Cocktail Goes Kosher

Ever since the cocktail was invented it has been a finicky drink, requiring elaborate preparations often compounded in front of the drinker—making it both a drink and a show—and leading in part to its enduring appeal.

However, there are times when mixing a fresh cocktail is impractical. (It


International Winter Soups

I love making meat soups in the winter, and it’s particularly fun to try new international dishes.

Hungarian Beef and Potato Soup

4 servings

This recipe came from Food &Wine online and I made


Unique Wines for a Meaningful Purim

It is truly mind-boggling to think that Purim is around the corner. What has happened in the world since Purim last year is almost unbelievable. Yet, here we are, gearing up for Megilla, shalach manos, the seudah, etc. Baruch Hashem, most of us will be in shul for Megilla and with our loved ones


Sforno: Exciting New Wines From One of Argentina’s Best Wineries

As some of you may have intuitively observed based on my previous write-ups, I am a huge Israeli wine fan. At this point in my wine tasting journey, I felt it was time to also try wines from different parts of the world. My local wine shop recommended I take a trip to Argentina this week. I am


Zadies Bakeshop Is the Exclusive Address for Soft Dough Hamantaschen

When you take a bite out of Zadies soft dough hamantaschen, you’re not only transported back to the court of Achashverosh, but to Eastern Europe as well. The soft dough hamantaschen, exclusive to Zadies Bakeshop in Fair Lawn, is an Eastern European tradition, hundreds of years old. “The Eastern Europeans in the


Dairy Trattoria ‘La Cucina di Nava’ Opens in Teaneck

La Cucina di Nava, a new venture from Shalom Yehudiel, owner and executive chef of The Humble Toast, has opened at 192A West Englewood Avenue in Teaneck, with creative, Italian-inspired dairy cuisine in a contemporary environment. Formerly the home of Rabbica, the newly renovated space has a pizza bar that can


Chopstix Celebrates 25 Years in Teaneck

When Elie Katz was 21 years old, he spent a lot of money satisfying his love of Chinese food. Then he found a better way: He opened Chopstix. On January 22, Chopstix celebrated 25 years in Teaneck—a significant accomplishment considering most new restaurants fail within the first year or two.


Tura Wines Available Worldwide—Now Also in Dubai


Having recently returned from a highly successful business trip to the UAE, Vered Ben Saadon, owner of Tura Wineries, is excited and optimistic. “After almost a year of not traveling due to COVID-19, the visit to Dubai was like a breath of fresh air,” she says.


Two Legendary Kosher Caterers Join Forces

Ram & MD Hospitality join in bid to change the tablescape of kosher catering.

(Courtesy of Ram Caterers and MD Hospitality) After many decades of competing against each other to create some of the most creative and unique kosher catering experiences in New York City and other parts


Jersey Shore’s Pier Village to Launch Upscale Kosher Eatery ‘Salt’

Pier Village, an oceanfront retail, restaurant, hotel and condominium complex in Long Branch, New Jersey, owned by the Kushner Companies, is entering a new phase of its development, adding amenities for its kosher-keeping clientele for the second season in a row.

For this coming spring, the second lease in this new phase of Pier


Passover, Delivered to Your Door

Launch of Passover.com Is Reinventing the Passover Shopping Experience.

Last year, shopping for Passover was transformed as people faced the challenges of COVID-19. Many retailers pivoted to ecommerce and the percentage of people comfortable shopping for food online skyrocketed.


Minestrone: Great for Company or Family

I was surprised to learn that minestrone came about as early as the second century BCE, when Rome conquered Italy and new vegetables flooded the market. It was also known as an Italian peasant’s dish or poor man’s soup. Originally, it contained onion, garlic celery tomatoes and carrots, and pasta seems to have been a later

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