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One Call to Heimish Makes the Simcha

Heimish has become the go-to place for homestyle, delicious Shabbat and weekday takeout food. But that’s just the beginning. Heimish does full-service catering and event planning to make simchas and business events delectable, beautiful and stress-free. Owner Joel Schiff personally oversees


Hajdu Vermouth: A Unique Kosher Vermouth Hits the Market

Vermouth, a botanical-infused fortified wine that is a key ingredient in so many classic cocktails—such as the martini and the Manhattan—has long been made kosher by some of the world’s leading producers, such as Martini & Rossi and Cinzano. Unfortunately, those kosher versions have never been sold in


Bagel Boss Lands in Teaneck

Bagel Boss, a well-known eatery in New York City and Long Island, is now in Teaneck. Adam Rosner, founder and chairman of Bagel Boss, said he chose Teaneck for the 14th Bagel Boss because it is a dynamic community, with about 30,000 cars passing by daily. That’s a lot of people who can


Wine Tasting and Sale in EB Benefits Israeli Soldiers

The East Brunswick Jewish Center recently hosted the annual Community Wine Sale cosponsored by the East Brunswick Jewish Center’s Mitzvah Corps and the Young Israel of East Brunswick, where more than 120 wines, liquors and liqueurs were on display and available for tasting. All wine sale proceeds will benefit Yashar LaChayal, an


Legends Distillery Produces Israel’s First Bourbon

Israel—an ancient land of legends. It is almost impossible to walk for any length of time without retracing the steps of one legend or another. And this is certainly the case in the Ella Valley, where David slew Goliath, thereby creating an image that has


Almond Horns and Grasshoppers

Parshat Tzav Inspiration:

“He brought forward the sin-offering bull; Aaron and his sons leaned their hand upon the head of the sin-offering bull. He slaughtered it, and Moses took the blood and placed it on the horns of the Altar, all around, with his forefinger, and he


Cutthroat Competition for Kosher Cutlets

Chicken cutlets are in such demand by restaurants and take-out food providers, that desperate chefs have resorted to clearing out the entire stock of kosher supermarkets. And those markets are struggling to get the cutlets customers want. At all points on the chicken supply chain, from farm to table, demand is outpacing supply and


Red Garden and Viña Memorias Announce Import and Distribution Partnership

Red Garden Inc., importer and distributor of fine wine and spirits in Airmont, N.Y., has announced it is the exclusive United States importer of Viña Memorias, the award-winning Molco family winery, located in the Protected Designation of Origin Utiel-Requena, 45 miles inland from Valencia, Spain.


Let’s All Go Crackers for Parshat Tzav!

In this week’s parsha, the kohanim are meant to cook oil and flour and make crackers for a nice treat! So we will be making homemade crackers.


  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2

This Little One Will Be Great

Purim is upon us, and we are now deep into the preparations. Which costumes will our children wear, the menu for the seudah, who the guests will be, the Megillah reading times, etc. And, of course, the mishloach manot. Including a bottle of wine in the mishloach manot


Single Malt Scotch. The Next Kosher Revolution.

(Courtesy of DS Tayman) It has not gone unnoticed that kosher food has gone through somewhat of a revolution over the last 20 years. Gone are the days when kosher food was synonymous with poor quality, little choice and your bubbie’s recipes.

In most major Jewish cities


Great Purim Seudah Wines, $22 or Less

It’s been brought up to me several times recently that the rising costs of kosher wine are concerning, and in some ways inappropriate. Speaking about this with rabbanim inevitably presents the suggestion that spending too much for a single bottle, or even speaking about wine

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