Friday, August 14, 2020

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Chickie’s Food Truck Is Open for Business


Kosher Wines Score Big at Major International Competition

(koshertoday.com) Kosher wines are receiving overwhelming accolades at international competitions, faring extremely well at the Ultimate Wine Challenge in Hawthorne, New York, one of the world’s most respected and serious wine competitions. Phil, Sheryl and Spencer Jones as well as Matt Rutherford recorded a 96, winning the Chairman’s


Kosher Fish Legend Rabbi Berel Raskin Passes Away at 84

(koshertoday.com) He was an iconic figure at the annual Kosherfest in the Meadowlands Convention Center but even more so in his neighborhood, Crown Heights. For decades, Rabbi Berel Raskin’s fish store on Kingston Avenue, which opened in 1961, was the quintessential kosher fish store, replete with the always warm embrace of Reb


Enjoying New World Whites for Shavuot and Warmer Weather

The new world, in terms of wines, is defined as locations where wine grapes were imported after the age of exploration, meaning that grapes were not grown continuously on the same soil for thousands of years like in old world France and Italy; rather, vines were imported everywhere other


Enhance Your Shavuot Table With Wine From the Land of Israel

(Courtesy of Tura Winery) Once overlooked, Israeli wines have long come into their own, earning a place of respect among connoisseurs and amateur wine enthusiasts alike. And among Israeli winemakers, the Tura Winery stands out for its impressive array of superb, prize-winning offerings. Founded by Vered and Erez


UN Plaza Grill Hosts Wine Pairing Dinner With Shiloh Winery

(Courtesy of UN Plaza Grill) A hidden gem in the heart of the United Nations, UN Plaza Grill will host a five course wine pairing dinner on June 24 at 7 p.m. with Shiloh Winery. Tickets are $145 per person plus tax and gratuity and can be purchased in advance by calling 212- 223-1801 or by stopping by UN Plaza Grill.


Shiloh: Wines From the Heart of Eretz Yisroel

Shiloh winery is internationally renowned for its superior wines. No less known is the winemaker, Amichai Lurie.

Lurie is witty and full of humor. The man is a genius but humble. If you probe Lurie, you’ll find a man with infinite wisdom, who loves wine, the land and


Craft Beer Cheddar by the Cheese Guy

Our delectable craft beer cheddar is brew and cheese in every bite. Small batches of handcrafted cheese curds are soaked in a local IPA during the cheese making process. Once the artisan cheddar is formed, it is then cellar-aged for a year.

The result is an exhilarating food experience. On the


Foodie Alert: Tnuva’s Shavuot 2019 Recipe Booklet

(Courtesy of Tnuva) This year, Tnuva again regaled readers with a stunning, full-color booklet featuring 10 original, delicious dairy recipes in honor of Shavuot. Each recipe was created by a gourmet chef, including some by chef Tal Metuko of the Ramada hotel in Jerusalem. The recipes range from easy to slightly complex, and


Honor Matan Torah With Honorable Wines

Shavuot is not an eight-day long Yom Tov like Sukkot or Pesach, yet it is no less important. Indeed, as we celebrate Matan Torah, we also have special Yom Tov meals, which means special wines are in order, as well. While the minhag in many communities is to eat a


It’s All About the Cheesecake

Among Ashkenazim and Sephardim alike, one traditional type of food is associated with Shavuot—dairy products. And therein lies a host of interesting interpretations.

Song of Songs Chapter 4 reads: “honey and milk are under thy tongue,” a reference to the fact that the Torah is as


‘Kosher Foodie’ Facebook Groups: Let’s Stick to the Facts

For kashrut-observant Jews worldwide, Facebook’s numerous “foodie” groups can be a blessing or, in the worst cases, a lesson in the art of being petty. These Facebook groups, some open to all Facebook members and others by approval only, cover everything from reliable hechshers and food recommendations to