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Lamb Is Good for Summer

I love lamb! It is a high quality protein with a lot of vitamins and minerals, as long

as you choose the chops without fat or cut off the fat. Lamb on the grill is a great dinner treat. Here are some lamb chop recipes to try.

Provencal-Style Shoulder


Enjoy Shaved Ices for Your Next Party

Many of you have become familiar with the signage that became extremely popular in the past year and half under the excellent management of Kristin and her husband, Erick. Card My Yard Paramus gave all of us the opportunity to rave loudly about our special occasions at a time when all celebrations were limited to outdoors. It


A Muffin...or a Cupcake?

What’s the difference between a muffin and a cupcake? Cupcakes have butter and sugar creamed to make them fluffy; they are 100% sweet and are really a miniature cake, which usually have a frosting.

Muffins are beaten briefly, have a harder texture and can be sweet or savory.


Aromatic Whites for Shavuot

Because white wines often have pleasantly fruity, flowery or honeyed aromas, there have always been some white wines I don’t enjoy, simply because the scent doesn’t take my fancy. For me, the “drink what you like” school of wine preference is most clear with white wine. I’d just rather


Abeles & Heymann to Sell Hot Dogs at All Trader Joe’s Stores

Award-winning premium hot dog maker will be returning for second year in a row.

(Courtesy of A&H) Abeles & Heymann (A&H), maker of award-winning premium kosher hot dogs for over 67 years, announced that its all-beef kosher hot dogs will be available in time for the big Memorial Day holiday at Trader Joe’s stores


Fish—The French Way

My husband, z”l was not fond of fish, but certain types of fish are good for our diet.  I began experimenting with a fish dish I had been making for company for many years in Israel, then   adapted it to the U.S. when I lived there. I first tasted it in the home of a member of a food group to which I belonged in Jerusalem


Special Cheesecakes For Shavuot

Every year I like to look through my cheesecake file and try something different.

If you are like me, you will enjoy these cakes.

Tnuva Light Shavuot Treat

  • 1 T. cornstarch
  • 2 T. instant vanilla pudding
  • 3 eggs
  • 2.4 pounds creamy soft 5% milk fat cheese
  • This came from the

A Refreshing Shavuot

Pesach is also called Chag Ha’aviv, the holiday of spring. However, from a Northern Hemisphere perspective, it is actually Shavuot that usually occurs at the peak of the spring season. While many, if not most people, serve at least one fleishig meal over Yom Tov, the well-known custom


Hard-to-Find Artisan, Small-Batch Kosher Cheeses

As the holiday of Shavuot approaches, it’s always a good opportunity to check out what’s new in the world of kosher cheeses, to honor everyone’s favorite cheesecake-themed holiday. We can’t eat only cheesecake, right? (Don’t answer that.)

For those who love savory,


Lasagna for Shavuot

A good friend of mine said she was making lasagna for her daughter and son-in-law since they had just had a new baby and she was trying to help them. That gave me the idea to send out these recipes, because pasta is always a good dinner meal, and when you add a salad, you have a very filling dinner.


Cheese Fondue Is a Special Shavuot Treat

We love cheese fondue, and there is no better time to enjoy it than at a Shavuot seudah. It’s easy to prepare, and I suggest having it at an evening meal with a big tossed salad.

We used to love the adventure of each having our own fondue forks and attaching our piece of toasted baguette (cut into


Tnuva and Rutgers Food Innovation Center to Collaborate

Tnuva, an Israeli global kosher food manufacturer with American headquarters in New Jersey, has launched an “exciting” collaboration with the Rutgers University Food Innovation Center (FIC). The announcement was made in partnership with the New Jersey-Israel Commission and the nonprofit economic development

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