Saturday, October 24, 2020

Food & Wine

Highland Park/Edison Kosher Bakery Sees Ownership Change

The Highland Park/Edison community recently saw a well-regarded fixture in the neighborhood, Mordy’s Kosher Bakery & Cafe on N. 4th Ave in Highland Park, come under the orbit of another of the town’s iconic businesses, Glatt 27 Grocery and Deli. Yoni Bauer, owner of Glatt 27, took ownership of Mordy’s on July 20.


Orthodox Union Kosher Offers Guide for Food and Travel

(Courtesy of OU) Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, has launched a free online kosher food and travel guide to help Jews follow dietary and ritual observance while away from home.

The guide offers a listing of kosher food products that one can find during their


Take Time to Wine Down

(Courtesy of Wine Down) When Shari Alter of Englewood, the co-owner of a party and event planning company in Israel, realized that all of her events in Israel are now on hold because of the current pandemic, she quickly decided to use her creative talents and start a new business right here in Bergen County. She created


Virtual and In-Person Chocolate-Making Classes at Coco Jolie

(Courtesy of Coco Jolie) Coco Jolie Fine Chocolates & Confections has just launched a virtual “Introduction to Chocolate Making” course as well as single-topic, in-person lessons at their store and production kitchen at 12 N. Dean Street in Englewood.


Noah’s Ark Offering a $1 Hot Dog Special!

Beat the dog days of summer with Noah’s Ark’s $1 hot dog special, going on from this Monday, August 3rd through Thursday, August 6th. Simply come to Noah’s Ark between 12pm and 6pm, and get freshly grilled, plump Abeles & Heymann hot dogs for just $1. Its limited to two hot dogs per person so bring your entire family for


French Winery's U.S. Imports Go Kosher 

Later this summer, during this year’s wine-grape harvest in Provence, in southeastern France, Royal Wine Europe’s winemaker, Menahem Israelievitch, will make the most rosé he’s ever made. He is doubling the kosher production of his salmon-hued wine at Châteaux Roubine and


Celebrity Chef Coming to Sender’s Smoke Joint With Special Nine Days Menu

Chef Michael Shinholster is used to cooking for NFL athletes and executives. But for the Nine Days, he’ll be cooking at Sender’s Smoke Joint in Teaneck. “The Jewish community is looking for items that wow them,” said Gabe Gilbert, partner and chef at Sender’s, in a phone interview together with


From My Kosher Jerusalem Kitchen: Delicious Cucumber Dishes

When the Israelites were grumbling in the desert (Numbers 11:5), they remembered the cucumbers they ate in Egypt. Cucumbers are thought to have originated in India 4,000 years ago. How they became a crop in Israel, I am not sure, but they are certainly part of the daily diet of most Israelis.



Barbecue Season Calls for Rich California and Napa Cabernets

Cabernet Sauvignon is an extremely popular wine pairing for red meats, and the kosher-keeping community, for many years now, has had a world-class list of full-bodied California Cabs to choose from, really satisfying bottles to enjoy with summer dinners. While they are a strong


Klal Yisrael’s Youngest Members Benefit From STAR-K Kashrus

The importance of pairing a Jewish nursemaid with a Jewish baby can be found in Parshas Shemos. After baby Moshe was saved from the Nile River by his rescuer—ironically, Batya, the daughter of Pharaoh, who mandated that all Jewish newborn males be killed—he cried profusely, refusing to be nursed by her gentile Egyptian


Ice Cream on Grand, Summer 2020

One of the biggest attractions of spring arriving is the knowledge that Englewood’s Ice Cream on Grand, our most favorite place to indulge in unique ice cream flavors, as well as the more traditional ones, has opened its doors. Syed Rizvi, owner of Ice Cream on Grand, spends many winter months preparing to pamper his clients with


Wok 18 Fuses High-End Cantonese Cuisine With Takeout

Most American Jews have a general idea of what to expect when they order Chinese takeout. Along with pizza and sushi, American-style Chinese food is generally ubiquitous in larger kosher-keeping Jewish communities like Teaneck, Fair Lawn, Passaic and Highland Park. What these communities don’t have, though, is