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Stories Behind the Symbol: STAR-K’s ‘Kosher Conversation’ Podcast

Have you ever wondered if your medicine really needs to be kosher? Or, what it takes to set up a kosher restaurant? Wonder no more about these and other questions you may have about the world of kosher, thanks to STAR-K Kosher Certification’s new podcast series “The Kosher Conversation.”


Thinking Pink: A Survey of 2020 Rosé Wines

This past week, many of the judges who tasted and ranked wine for The Jewish Link Wine Guide got back together, with a few other enthusiasts, in a Teaneck backyard to taste 31 rosé wines made in 2020. We tasted as many of the kosher pinks on the market we could reasonably find,


GE Appliances and ZMAN Technologies Collaborate For a Better Sabbath Mode

You can’t cook on Shabbos but you can use your oven if you have one with a Sabbath mode. Sabbath mode has become an increasingly prominent feature of new ovens that is supposed to let users keep food warm on Shabbos and cook on Yom Tov. But there’s still a problem: The way most Sabbath mode systems are designed, you


Drink Your Sunshine in a Bottle With Good Rāz

Vitamin D has been all over the news. It has long played a role in supporting bone health, immunity and mood positivity. Recent studies have shown a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and severe effects from COVID-19. While we can “soak up” some vitamin D by getting out into the sunshine, this


Eggnog: Not Just For New Year's Eve

Who said eggnog was strictly for New Year’s Eve? I love eggnog, and whether I have the brandy or rum or drink them without, they still make a nice evening drink. They were a favorite of 13th-century European monks, although the word could come from noggin, a mid-16th century word for a wooden cup. The colonists served these and added rum


Trios Are a Treat

Dear Shayna B.,

First things first, I LOVE your column and I look forward to reading it every week. I have a very good friend whom I’ve taken with me on many trips. Recently, he told me how he took a different friend to a baseball game, but he didn’t take me. What should I do?


Kosher Express Comes to West Orange

Kosher Express, the well known kosher Chinese take out restaurant in Fair Lawn, now has a second location in the heart of West Orange. Located in Pleasantdale Center next to the West Orange Bake Shop, the new store is in the space formerly occupied by Glatt Fusion.


Outstanding Kosher-for-Passover Wines Hailing From Israel to Argentina to Australia and Beyond

(Courtesy of Royal Wines) This Passover, spend your holiday in Israel, Italy or France—without ever having to leave your Seder table. New Jersey-based Royal Wine, the world’s largest purveyor of kosher wines and spirits, offers exceptional Passover selections from around the globe—including a label from NBA All-Star Amaré


Passover Isn’t Passover Without Sponge Cake

Orange Glazed Sabra Sponge Cake


  • ½ cup unsalted pareve margarine or ¼ cup +2 T. oil
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1 t. orange rind

Pair Your Perfect Pesach Brisket With Tura Wine From Israel

Nothing defines a Pesach Yom Tov meal better than a perfectly moist, tender brisket packed with flavor. When accompanied by a full-bodied red, like Tura Winery’s Mountain Peak, you have a truly winning combination!

One of the things I love about Pesach dishes is that because we’re limited to


Herzog Stag’s Leap Project Introduces Exclusive Napa Wine to Kosher World

Since 1976, when Steven Spurrier—the tastemaker British wine writer who passed away March 9 at age 79—first hand-selected wines from California for a Paris tasting honoring America’s bicentennial, the name Stag’s Leap has been synonymous with the very best available American wines.


‘I Can’t Believe They’re Passover Desserts’

I grew up when sugary candy in fruit flavors and sponge cake were the only desserts I remember for Passover. Now, there is almost no dessert we can’t make.  Here are a few.

Mom’s (z”l) Cream Puff Buns

9-12 Servings

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