Saturday, December 04, 2021

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Sheba Medical Center Creates ‘Eating Healthy’ Cookbook

(Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) Think of any hospital and images of medical emergencies will come to mind. However, Israel’s “City of Health,” Sheba Medical Center is aiming to change this perception of hospitals being a place for the sick with its new “Eating Healthy” cookbook. Comprising over 70 healthy


Grilling Like an Israeli

Somehow it has become a custom in Israel to begin grilling on Yom Ha’atzmaut and continue on through the summer. As much as we all like our falafel and hummus and tchina, you can walk through the streets and smell the chicken and meats cooking!

Skewered Meat


Enjoying Kosher Malbecs From Argentina, Israel and California

As the kosher wine world has become more sophisticated, so have the opportunities to taste wines made from many different types of grapes. While many in the non-kosher wine world might not find the malbec grape particularly unique or interesting, I do because there just aren’t that many kosher single


STAR-K Hosts Annual Food Service and Kashrus Training Programs

Rabbi Yonah Gross eagerly signed up for STAR-K Kosher Certification’s annual Food Service Kashrus Training Seminar held in the agency’s Baltimore offices July 6-8. As the newly appointed kashrus administrator of the Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia (Keystone-K)—for which he was an active rabbinical board


Washington Heights Chinese Restaurateur Serves Up Smiles—All in Good Faith

On a seemingly slow summer afternoon at Chop Chop, the Glatt Kosher Chinese restaurant in Washington Heights, co-owner and manager Matthew Chan is running around like the busiest man alive. Without Chop Chop’s usual customer base—Yeshiva University students—Chan keeps himself occupied by arranging


Artscroll Launches Sina Mizrahi’s ‘Good Food’ Cookbook

Reviewing: “Good Food,” by Sina Mizrahi. Artscroll/Shaar Press. 2021. ISBN-10: 1-4226-2843-4

Sina Mizrahi’s “Good Food: Inspired by My Middle Eastern Roots and the Places I’ve Called Home” will delight the adventurous cook who


Taste Testing Ben & Jerry’s Alternatives

My wife and I dutifully tossed out our multiple pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We then immediately realized we had a huge gap in our lives that needed to be filled with analogous alternatives to our favorite flavors.

We did what any rational couple would do: support every other kosher ice cream


14-Year-Old Sara Gans Wins MyKosher Teens Cooking Contest

When thinking of a dessert to bake, most teens typically select something simple, like brownies or some type of cookie. It is only the more adventurous baker who would choose a complex Napoleon pastry, and that is exactly what 14-year-old Sara Gans of Bergenfield decided to create for her winning MyKosher Teens cooking


Englewood Chef Wins Int’l Chocolate Awards

Anyone who walks into the Coco Jolie store on North Dean Street in Englewood can tell almost immediately that chef and owner Miriam Gitelman is a woman with a vision. From the intricate displays to the pristine atmosphere, everything is well thought out and visually appealing. The gourmet shop,


Stamford’s Kosher Dining: Recovering and Thriving Post-Pandemic

In Stamford, Connecticut, there are various kosher eateries that were successful pre-pandemic, but, as many establishments did, they dealt with myriad challenges when COVID-19 hit. Some of the most popular kosher food venues in Stamford include: Six Thirteen, a meat restaurant; 16 Handles, a frozen yogurt


Restaurants Are Back, Post-COVID

Dim lights, delicious food, conversation… After an entire year of having little to no exposure to this kind of atmosphere, it is a relief that restaurants are finally opening up. It is time to crawl out of our shells of hibernation and mingle with others, among arrays of food and drinks. At last, we can start to


Kosher Snap App Set to Aid Kosher Travelers

If you are shopping anywhere in the world and not sure that something you want to buy is kosher, what do you do? There’s an app for that: Kosher Snap is an app designed to help people find kosher food in any shop worldwide.

Technology has changed our way of living and apps have become

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