Saturday, June 03, 2023

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BIS: A Taste of the Middle East in NY

I love a good laffa stuffed with shawarma as much as the next guy. In fact, I don’t really get tired of the typical fare that you might find at any given Israeli restaurant in America. But there are many components of the broader Middle Eastern flavor palette that the standard


Favorite Foodie Bites From Royal Wine’s KFWE

Royal Wine's Kosher Food and Wine Experience (KFWE) returned to Chelsea Piers in Manhattan on Feb. 6 for the first time since 2020. In 2021, the KFWE was an all-digital event; last year a different format was presented at the Hilton


Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Purim or Anytime

Whether you’re inviting friends or just having a nice evening at home, try these non-alcoholic drinks with snacks or appetizers.


Mock Champagne

6-8 servings

This was in


Drunken Cherry-Chocolate Hamantaschen From ‘The Giving Table’

No, it’s not alcoholic.

Yes, the alcohol cooks out…leaving a lusciously decadent filling.

Yes, cherries and chocolate need to be together.

And yes, give some to your friends…if there are any left.


Dig in to Diller

A little over a century ago, the Lower East Side was home to around half a million Jews. At the time, it was the largest Jewish community in the entire world. But if you fast forward to the present day, you’ll find the area to be mostly


Eden Wok of New Rochelle Celebrates 25 Years

Twenty-five years. That’s more than twice the lifetime of many kosher restaurants, aside from the kosher carry outs and pizza shops.

“The trailblazers in kosher Pan-Asian cuisine,” said Eden Wok restaurateur and creator Josh Berkowitz, “were Moshe Peking and Yossi Peking, as well as


Royal Wine’s KFWE 2023 Draws Large Crowd


The Future of School Lunches: An Integrative Approach to School Lunch Management

(Courtesy of FoodDays) Founded in 2003, FoodDays started off as a grassroots effort to simplify the food ordering process at a local New Jersey school and has since become a leading provider of turn-key food ordering systems for public, private, and charter schools. Today, FoodDays has taken


Masbia to Host Fourth Annual ‘Chop Hunger’ Event

On Wednesday, February 8, West Side Institutional Synagogue in Manhattan will host an amazing culinary combination of cuisines to benefit Masbia, the nonprofit soup kitchen network and food pantry. The fourth iteration of their annual “Chop Hunger” series


Bagels and Lox Anyone?

All of us at The Jewish Link are happy to welcome the latest addition to the Bagel Boss family to its new location at 1280 Teaneck Road. Bagel Boss began its adventures with the taste buds of New Yorkers approximately 40 years ago and they have grown far and wide. We took advantage of their newest venture with a platter of


Mesorah Farms to Alleviate Kosher Poultry Shortage

(Courtesy of Mesorah Farms) A group of investors has announced the acquisition of Birdsboro Kosher Poultry Farms, the poultry plant known for raising chickens without antibiotics in line with strict kosher standards. The move comes with the intent of significantly upgrading the supply and quality of strictly kosher


GE Appliances Transitions Refrigerators to OU Kosher/CRC Hisachdus Certification

(Courtesy of OU) In February 2023 GE Appliances (GEA) will begin production of a new line of OU Kosher/CRC Hisachdus-certified top-freezer refrigerators with manually operated, built-in Enhanced Shabbos Mode (EHM). These new appliances will allow users to easily turn EHM on and off. The OU Kosher symbol on the product will confirm

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