Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Food & Wine

‘It’s Raining Tacos’ at Englewood’s Taco 185

Meat lovers, pescatarians and vegetarians alike can certainly find something to love at Taco 185, the newest Friendly Ghost restaurant concept from the Jon Katz/Chef Jonny Miller team that brought Burger Boss to kosher-keepers in the region this past spring. Taco 185’s signature Baja


STAR-K’s Robust Educational Mission Thrives Despite COVID

STAR-K kosher certification’s educational mission is as robust as ever during COVID, as evidenced by the nonprofit agency’s eclectic spring and summer seminars and programs. Target audiences ranged from food processors/exporters and mashgichim to consumers including adults with special needs.


Chicken Marbella, A Festival Treat

I have found that it is very easy these days to find new recipes practically every time I open my phone. I do love to try new things, but at the same time I frequently look back at my aging recipe cards sitting in the proverbial index-card box and remind myself of how much we used to love some of these gems. Perhaps it is time to


Lena’s Honey Cake

Those of us who have spent time in the rabbinate find ourselves scattered around the country or countries, learning, sharing and caring about baalabatim in many different communities. Our first shtelle (position) was in Brantford, Ontario where the only Shomer Shabbat member of the shul lived on a cattle farm too distant from where the shul


Join the Bagel Of the Month Club

(Courtesy of Bagel of the Month Club) With the Jewish High Holidays right around the corner, the newly launched Bagel of the Month Club is excited to announce special Yom Kippur break-fast packages shipped nationwide for families looking for an authentic New York breakfast following the fast day.


New Beginnings: Wines to Celebrate a Fresh Start

Every Rosh Hashanah, we reflect on the year that passed and look forward to the year to come. We start a new chapter not only in our spiritual life, but also in our personal, professional and family lives. Often, unfortunately, some of us neglect or even actively refuse to change, to improve and


The Dvash 72: Honey and Bubbles for the New Year

Not long after winning World War II and losing control of Parliament, Winston Churchill quipped that he “could not live without champagne. In victory I deserve it. In defeat I need it.” (A similar, but undocumented, quote was also attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, another man who knew a lot about victory and defeat.) 5780 has


It’s Hard Not to Love ‘Peas Love & Carrots’

There are a few things you need to know about “peas love & carrots, the cookbook.”

The first is that “peas love & carrots” is the brainchild of Jerusalem resident Danielle Renov who, with her children fast asleep and her husband out of town, decided to dip her toes into


Bourbon-Braised Short Ribs

My number-one most popular meat recipe. Most likely because of the copious amount of bourbon required to make it, but not really. It’s because it’s delicious.


  • 5 lb (2 kg) short ribs

Nadiv Winery: Noble, Elegant Wines for Rosh Hashanah

It was a pleasure for my group to taste five selections from Nadiv Winery, a relatively new winery on the Israeli wine scene, and from which many in our group had not tasted or heard much. Its first vintage was released in 2014, and I had not tasted any since 2018, when I first tried their three


La Forêt Blanche, a New Winery With an Ancient Connection to the Beit HaMikdash

This summer, the East Coast received the first fruits of La Forêt Blanche, a new winery in Israel, a few kilometers to the south of the former Livni Winery. It is located in the Yatir forest, a historic wine-growing region where the Judean desert joins with the mountains, called the Hevron


Pesach Lessons Help Empire Prep for Chagim

With Rosh Hashanah just weeks away, many are thinking about how to make the holidays at least semi-normal. Shul is limited. So are guests. But thanks to the actions Empire Kosher took when the pandemic began, Jewish cooks can be pretty confident of having a proverbial chicken in every Yom Tov pot. There won’t be a mad