Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Food & Wine

Le Marais Chefs to Release Cookbook

Chefs Mark Hennessey and José de Meirelles from Le Marais restaurant in Midtown Manhattan will be releasing a self-titled cookbook on July 18. De Meirelles and Philippe Lajaunie opened Le Marais, a French steakhouse, in 1995 and since then have provided the public with dishes that offer a unique blend of French


Welcome Back Brussels Sprouts

Slowly the news has begun to spread—our starving palates will no longer have to feel deprived.

Bodek has begun to package frozen Brussels sprouts once again. Years of green beans and peas on our plates now have competition from their cousin in green.



Order’s Up: Overnight Oats

When the sun is shining through your windows early in the morning, and you’ve already begun to feel the heat, breakfast options are drastically limited. Smoothies, yogurt and cold cereal can only be eaten so often before you find yourself in a rut. Starting off in the same manner each and every day can only cause boredom


Endlessly Adaptable, Utterly Reliable, Absolutely Delicious Hamantashen

My mom’s recipe for hamantashen, developed in California and then adapted in myriad ways by five daughters and daughters-in-law, is the best recipe any of us have ever used or eaten. It’s soft-baked, it’s incredible and best of all, it’s impossible to mess up. This is one of those recipes that’s endlessly adaptable and


The Sun Is Out, the White Wines Are In

For many, if not most, people, the summer is easily the best time of the year for a well-deserved vacation and diverse outdoor activities.

The heat, the humidity and the type of food that we eat over the sunny season—all are elements to factor in when picking the wines that will offer the most


Crispy Hamantashen and Fun for Everyone (Even Gluten-Free Followers)

I have become very sensitive to the world of celiac disease and gluten-free diets due to a recent diagnosis of someone close to me. I was lucky enough to find this recipe and am happy to share it with you. Of course, if you are not gluten free, you can certainly enjoy them as well.



May the ‘Fourth’ Be With You: We Have Cookies

July 4th is only a few days away, with the prospects of swimming and fireworks looming on the horizon. Everyone loves a treat to munch at the end of a long day spent outdoors, especially one that matches the holiday theme. These mini ‘pizzas’ are delicious, and even sneak in some fruit for those picky eaters! A quick


Purim—Did You Just Say ‘Different Wines’?

With Purim approaching, we are looking for different, new wines to enjoy over the holiday. Different sure, but also good and interesting, of course. Different in the sense of interesting and diverse as some exciting kosher wines from all over the world have been released recently.



Dual-Flavored Smoothie Fun

Summer has arrived, and with it comes long, hot afternoons. Sometimes, a cold and delicious snack is exactly what everyone needs. This dual-flavored smoothie recipe is healthy and refreshing—easy to make, and elegant enough to serve when entertaining. You will first need to make the two smoothies. Following the recipes


Savory Hamantashen Can Liven up Your Purim Seudah

Hamantashen have evolved from its earliest incarnation as a sweet pastry with mohn (poppy) or lekvar (fruit puree) filling. Today’s hamantaschen fillings can be savory or sweet and take flavor inspiration from almost anywhere.

Hamantashen is a triumph of


Summer Fun Dessert Ideas

Brulee for the Kids

Take a marshmallow—cut in half and then put a gummy candy on top. Either broil for a few seconds in the oven or the barbeque or even quicker—take a butane lighter and hold over it for three seconds. Yum! (Did you know that Trader Joe’s brand


Tel Aviv Wine Showcase Promises a Great Year Ahead

Wine professionals from around Israel recently gathered at the “2016 Sommelier Wine Fair” in Tel Aviv. Open only to industry insiders, the wine fair is the premier showcase of wine production in Israel.

Held in the elegant modern Tel Aviv Culture Palace complex, also home