Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Noah’s Ark Wins Teaneck Chili Cook-Off

It was a close competition. But Noah’s Ark won the Teaneck Chili Cook Off organized by Jacob Goldberg of Yalla! on December 15. The judging was done by 50 families who brought home a package with samples of chili, identified only by letter on the containers, and ranked the samples from


Noam Sokolow On His Winning Chili Recipe

“We are honored to have been selected this year’s winner, and we look forward to having all those who did not participate order in for a taste on their own.

Our award-winning chili recipe was created back in 1992 when it was first added to the menu. It’s a traditional Spanish chili, made with fresh


Beloved New York Restaurants Plan for Change

Changes are coming to popular kosher restaurants in New York City. Since March, over 1,000 restaurants in the city have permanently shut down. To survive, restaurants adjusted their menus, added delivery options and created outdoor dining spaces. In addition to those tactics, Noi Due Cafe, the Italian eatery on the Upper West Side,


Seth Warshaw Opens Restaurant Group in Boca Raton

Seth Warshaw has a long commute from etc. steakhouse in Teaneck to the five new restaurants he’s opening in Boca Raton, Florida, but he doesn’t mind. In Florida, the air is balmy, the palm trees sway, and there are no restrictions on indoor dining. Snowbirds are happily returning to their southern nests. Warshaw is


Morad Winery: A Fruitful Glass of Wine

Sometimes Steve (my hubby) and I get tired of wine. I know that sounds like such a cliché, but it happens. There are times where we indulge in cocktails, but lately we have been trying out non-grape wines from the Morad winery in Israel. Morad is unique since they take all sorts of fruits or sometimes


Who Makes the Best Chili in Teaneck? You Be the Judge.

It’s Chanukah! Think latkes, doughnuts and … chili. Yes, chili. Several Teaneck restaurants are competing to be named the Champion of Chili with the cook-off taking place on Tuesday, December 15. The competition is being organized by Jacob Goldberg, who recently took over Yalla!, a Mediterranean-themed restaurant at


‘Dinner, Done’ Will Become Your Go-to Cookbook

Maybe there are people out there who have enough time in their day to cook fresh, elaborate and, of course, scrumptious meals every night of the week, but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t met any of them. Sure, we all have our moments when we go all out and make recipes that truly dazzle, but in reality, that isn’t what life


Syrian Nachos (Meat)

“Ma, you have to make this every week now!”

This recipe has gone viral in Victoria’s extended family and now every sister-in-law has made it part of her rotation. And though it looks so pretty when it’s all assembled on one big platter, if you want to keep it practical for a weeknight, you can


Poppy's Develops Fun New Line of Bagels and Challah

Poppy’s Bagels Pizza and TCBY store owner Jacob Geffner has turned a decline in business into an opportunity to lure customers back and draw in new patrons by developing an exciting line of delicious new bagel flavors and challah creations.


Liba’s Challahs, World of Chocolate Offer Baked Goods and Chanukah Treats

Lisa Mincis has been baking challahs professionally for 20 years. At the age of 18 she embarked upon this culinary endeavor at the Chabad of Nesconset in Long Island, where she grew up. (Her rabbi was Rabbi Chaim Grossbaum, uncle of Moishie and Zeesy Grossbaum, well known in our


Eight Nights of Palate Training

People often ask me how they can develop a better appreciation for wine and how I can describe wines in such a variety of aromas and flavors. My answer is always the same, and it is simple: taste as many wines as you can and as often as possible. Like most things in


Mulling Over Chanukah: Two Recipes To Liven Up Your Chanukah Celebration

We’re approaching Chanukah, and more than most Jewish holidays, this is a festival celebrated by consuming traditional, regional foods—the very thought of the holiday can often make one salivate. For Jews of Russian/Lithuanian ancestry, the food of choice is potatoes latkes; for Polish Jews, it’s ratzelech (latkes made with a