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All Things Cranberry

So what’s the deal with Thanksgiving? Intimidated by planning a big meal for many people? Don’t we do this every single weekend—hosting guests for elaborate meals, be it Friday night or Shabbat day, or both? I find it amusing watching the flurry of blogs, online recipes, tips and advice. How to plan the perfect


An Unsung Hero Mashgiach is Recognized at Kosherfest

Secaucus—Rabbi Barry Nash has been working for the same boss for 25 years as a mashgiach for the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County. Last week at Kosherfest he was recognized as the Mashgiach of the Year by Kashrus Magazine. This is the fifth year that the prestigious kashrus magazine has offered a $1000 award to the mashgiach it felt


Mediterranea: An Israeli Oasis on West Englewood Avenue

Teaneck—Bright green basil and dark red sun-dried tomatoes perfectly complement small-batch hummus made under an hour ago. The same cool hummus, served under hot ground beef, makes for a classic Syrian appetizer bowl that is comforting and pleasing to the palate. French shawarma, served with a creamy garlic


The Adventures of Kosherfest 2015

What is Kosherfest? Kosherfest is comparable to the largest kiddush you have ever been to in your life; imagine being able to taste the finest cheese, accompanied by the finest wines. Imagine being able to sample an array of meats, fish and desserts. Imagine filling a very large bag with samples


Smokey Joe’s Brings Live Music to Cedar Lane

Teaneck—Looking for a relaxing and enjoyable Saturday night activity, along with a delicious dinner? How about one that is just a little different from all others, for a reasonable price? Smokey Joe’s on Cedar Lane has the answer.

Now in its sixth year, the restaurant’s live


Kosherfest 2015 Held November 10-11 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center

The 27th annual Kosherfest food trade show was held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus on November 10th and 11th. While we will have full coverage and new products reports from the show next week, here is a taste of the excitement.



Ma’adan Hosts Aviv 613 Vodka Tasting

Teaneck—Isn’t vodka an old-world liquor made from potatoes? Not anymore. An Israeli vodka, made by Marc Grossfield and first brought to the neighborhood by Ma’adan Kosher Delicatessen and Catering on 446 Cedar Lane, is distilled from pomegranates, grapes, olives, wheat, barley, figs and dates. The grains and the


The Cheese Guy Wins in Two Categories at Kosherfest’s Annual New Products Competition

The Cheese Guy won in two categories at the recent Kosherfest New Products Competition, held in Manhattan earlier this month. The Cheese Guy’s Double Ale Cheddar Cheese won in the Best Dairy/Cheese category, and its Heirloom Vermont Apple and Maple Syrup Butter won in the Best Jams/Preserves and Dried Fruit category,


It’s as Easy as Pie

Sometimes when a recipe is too easy, it seems almost silly to mention it, let alone write it down. Of course you would already know about it, or have already made it. It’s so easy, it’s not even a recipe. But sometimes, when you put it all together, and it tastes good, and it took minimal effort, you just want to shout from the


The Vanilla Babka That Launched 100 Emails

Teaneck—The Brooklyn-based Shloimy’s Bakery recently attempted to change its recipe for its vanilla babka, which is sold locally at Cedar Market. A public outcry ensued, with calls to Cedar Market and subsequently to Shloimy’s, arguing on behalf of the old recipe. The babka was a delicately lemon-scented vanilla confection


Grape-Nuts Salad

Looking for a different salad with a great crunch? Try this salad.  Keep in mind that it is not necessary to buy authentic Grape Nut Flakes — generic brand works just as well and is probably a saving of about $2.00.  In some cases families might not want to know what those crunch things are — they will love the salad until


An Appley Autumn: Apple Brandy—a.k.a. Jersey Lightning—at George Washington’s Distillery

While largely unknown today, applejack and apple brandy (spirits made from hard apple cider) during the 18th and 19th centuries were among the most popular spirits in the Mid-Atlantic states. Virtually every farmer with some apple trees would freeze distill—or “jack”—apple cider in the winter. As a result