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New Products for Rosh Hashanah

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(Courtesy of KAYCO) Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are both around the corner, but warm, sweet meals and memories last a lifetime. Rosh Hashanah means festive family holiday meals, with certain symbolic foods eaten to


OU Kosher Concludes 30th Annual ASK OU Summer Kashrus Training Programs

August seminars offered in-depth look at laws of kosher by world-class instructors.

In August, OU Kosher—the world’s largest kosher certifying agency—ran two hands-on, in-person learning experiences through its ASK (Advanced Seminars in Kashrus)


Lunch at Wall Street Grill

Recent pandemic times led many restaurants to reassess their outdoor seating. This meant improvising for some and expanding and/or improving for others. But some restaurants got to show off and utilize amazing al fresco dining set-ups that they already had.


‘Shabbat2Go,’ Exquisite Authentic Israeli and Traditional Cuisine, Delivered to Your Door

Shabbat2Go was originally targeted as a convenience to young professionals and college students living in Manhattan who wanted good quality Shabbat food via delivery. Proprietor Chaim Greenberg knew they weren’t going to be shopping for ingredients or spending Thursday night cooking, even if


Dip the Apples in the … Vegan Honey?

As with any holiday, Jewish or otherwise, Rosh Hashanah has many symbolic foods that are associated with it. Pomegranates, carrots, leeks, and beets are among the plant foods associated with the holiday meal. Perhaps the custom that is most universal, especially among Jews from eastern Europe descent, is apples, and specifically apples


OK Kosher Decertifies Manalapan Kosher Chinese

Store closes after owner is caught buying non-kosher meat.

(VINnews and combined sources) The OK Kashrus agency has pulled its certification from Manalapan Kosher Chinese, located on Route 9 in Manalapan Township, New Jersey, and the store has officially closed its


New Video Series Explores American Jewish Communities Through Food

Ruderman Family Foundation’s original series ‘Jewish Foodie’ cultivates ties between Israelis and US Jewry, through a fascinating culinary journey of American Jewish communities.

(Courtesy of Ruderman Family Foundation) In its latest effort to strengthen the bond between


Potatoes With Parmesan

When I go shopping at my favorite supermarket, I walk past the packaged cheese section straight to the fresh cheese counter. I don’t have to be concerned about the kashrut, and I find it fun to try new cheeses, which I can buy by the slice or hunk. In particular, I enjoy having my Parmesan cheese grated before


Watermelon Granita and Pound Cake

Parshat Shoftim inspiration:

“Justice, justice shall you pursue, that you may live and possess the land the Lord, your God, is giving you.”

Just Ice, huh? That doesn’t sound super appetizing. How about a classic ice dessert made with fresh,


How a Rush on Beer Led to a Shipping Software Startup

Overwhelmed by orders during the pandemic, the founder of a craft brewery developed software to simplify the logistics of his deliveries. Now he’s selling it to others.

By Diana Bletter/Israel21c

Avi Moskowitz launched


Apple Desserts for Rosh Hashanah

Apples Baked in Pomegranate Syrup

8 servings

  • I found this recipe in my files and made a few changes. It came from a cookbook author.
  • 4 apples,

Spotlight on Margez Grill House

One of the luxuries that the kosher diner has in 2022 is that of variety. Yet even given the greater variety of options available compared to any other time before, sometimes a place will open up that is still able to carve out its own corner of the market.

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