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Rothschild TLV Serves Up Palate Pleasers

Plenty of restaurants have delays when trying to open. It’s so common that you might be able to think of a couple of places that are having that issue right now. But when you’re trying to open a fine-dining restaurant in Manhattan in March of 2020, delays


Delicious Appetizers for New Years or Anytime

  Cheese Puffs

Makes 40

This recipe comes from an American food magazine and takes about 30 minutes preparation and making time.


The Jewish Link 2022 Sufganiyot Awards

We’re pretty certain that it’s a halachic requirement to have at least one doughnut per day for all eight days of Chanukah. So The Jewish Link set out on a search for the best doughnuts in close proximity to our Teaneck office, and landed with an assortment of


Having The Fooderie ‘Feels Like Home’

The Fooderie, West Orange’s new kosher marketplace, celebrated its grand opening on Sunday, Dec. 18 with day-long festivities. The morning began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where The Fooderie proprietor Shlomo Gornish was joined by outgoing West Orange Mayor Robert Parisi, incoming


Gifted Wines

Let’s first address the title of this writeup. If anyone is gifted, it’s the winemakers who make the delicious wines. With that said, these are wines that should be gifted. To our parents, grandparents, rabbonim, friends, siblings, employees, our children’s teachers, or to our bosses.


This Chanukah, Spread the YOLO Around

(Courtesy of Tnuva) This Chanukah, surprise your family and guests with delicious doughnuts accompanied by YOLO, Tnuva’s premium dairy dessert. Made with real chocolate and 70% milk, thick and creamy YOLO works with your signature doughnuts, sfenj or fritters for filling, frosting or dipping. Try the dark chocolate, white


Apple Latkes: A Sweet Change

Everyone knows the history of latkes, and there is no particular history associated with apple latkes that I can find, but they make a great accompaniment to any Chanukah meal.


Dairy Apple Latkes


Sesame ‘Pops Up’ Delicious Sufganiyot for Chanukah

The changing of the clocks and the wearing of winter coats can only mean one thing … It’s time for Chanukah. And Chanukah means it’s time to exceed our usual calorie quotas for a week or so.

With apologies to those who prefer to focus on the


Light, Bright Chanukah Drinks for the Eight Nights

Sparkly seltzers, bright white wines, bubblies, and single-serve alcoholic canned beverages are great choices to cut the fat of latkes and doughnuts without the enormous mess of a cocktail table and a fridge full of mixers you’ll never finish. Whether you’re on


Visit Smoked Bites, a New Full-Service Southern Barbecue Restaurant in Teaneck

Smoked Bites, a Southern barbecue-style restaurant, has taken over the former Sender’s Smoke Joint at 190 West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck. Owner Stan Kotlyar has renovated the space, menu and recipes. With calming neutral décor, comfortable tables and chairs, and well-trained wait staff, Smoked


Manischewitz Debuts Crypto Gelt

(Courtesy of Manischewitz) Manischewitz® is back at it again this holiday season, this year launching a brand-new product that will forever change Chanukah for the better. Introducing Manischewitz® Crypto Gelt: the most revolutionary innovation in the field of Chanukah since the introduction of the dreidel itself! It’s 2022, after all … traditional coins


In ‘The Giving Table,’ Food Is the Ultimate Gift

Reviewing: “The Giving Table,” by Naomi Ross. Menucha Publishers. 2022. ISBN: 9781614658634.

Cooks who put love into every dish, and think of the food they make for others as sharing part of themselves, will find delicious new recipes and

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