Saturday, July 04, 2020

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Chenin Blanc and Riesling: Two White Wines Worth Trying

As we leap into the spring season and start thinking about lighter warmer-weather meals and the traditional dairy foods of Shavuous, kosher-wine lovers will once again be contemplating their white-wine options. Two grape varieties that have much to offer, both in terms of range and food pairing adaptability, are Chenin


Racing Away With the Mint: Four Lively Mint and Gin Cocktails for the Spring and Summer

This Shabbos afternoon, at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Ky., more than 100,000 spectators will crowd into the stands to watch 20 thoroughbred horses run a 1¼ mile race—it will be the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby. The Derby has many traditions associated with it, from clothing to cocktails; the cocktail of choice being


Roe, Anyone? P’tcha? Eggplant Relish?

Walking into my rabbi’s house in Maplewood, N.J., I saw a bowl sitting on the kitchen counter filled with a mysterious concoction. Not knowing what it was, but always curious when it comes to food and recipes, I questioned the rabbi’s wife. Frumi answered, “That’s roe, fresh from the fish market in New York.”


Spring Forward With a Sip of Wine

With spring’s arrival near, and the gleam of summer just around the corner, wineries all across Israel are beginning to prepare for the changes these lush, warm days bring. Spring is the beginning of the new growing season in the vineyards, where breathtaking scenic views reign.

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Is It Pesach Yet?

So by the time you read this, I will have “turned” my kitchen over, and will be happily cooking away, preparing my meals in advance for Pesach, so that I can relax and enjoy the Chag. Hahaha. One can dream. Reality check: I am actually in that twilight zone of desperately wanting to be done with kashering the kitchen, sealing


Fish Is a Four Letter Word

Fish is a dirty word in my house. I have to think two or three times about whether I am willing to risk it. Who is going to eat, and who will not. When I finally bite the bullet and make it for dinner, I hold my breath until the news is made public. Then I breathe out and wait for the reaction. “Oh, fish?” Like it’s a big


Dougie’s: It’s Nothing Personal

I have fond memories of my single years—living large on the Upper West Side, my best friends within earshot, planning exciting dates with women way out of my league, daily basketball games in the park, and, for the last time in my life, I had plenty of spending money. Much of that money made its way to Dougies; that venerable


A Wine’s Exodus: From Vine to Barrel

Families and friends gather each year for the Seder meal to retell the incredible story of Pesach. From beginning to end, the story of Pesach reminds us of the hardships the Jewish people endured as slaves in Egypt thousands of years ago, following their pathway to freedom.

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Terrovino 2015 Awards Golan Heights Winery ‘Grand Champion’

Each year at the Mediterranean international wine and spirit challenge, Terravino, panels of judges from across the globe, present awards to international and Israeli wines. This year’s competition included 448 wines and spirits, 55% of them from Israel, and the remainder from 29 other countries.


Danny Mizrahi’s Sababa Grill: Celebrating 10 Years as Teaneck’s Best Kept Secret

Teaneck—On a busy Friday morning, you might cruise right by the unassuming green and yellow Sababa sign if you’ve been to Butterflake for challah and walked by Rocklin’s on the way to Dovid’s Fish or Judaica House. In some ways, that’s okay, because Sababa isn’t out there trying to impress people. But if you like home-cooked dishes that are heavy


The Shrinking Mishloach Manos

What do people really want to receive in their mishloach manos?

Whenever I visit my in-laws for Shabbat, my father-in-law will tell my husband, “Go look in the wine cabinet and see if there’s a good bottle there for you.”

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Punch Up Your Purim: Try Some Wine Punch to Add a Bit of Zing

Purim is unique in the canon of Jewish festivals, in that while wine is a critical component of most Jewish holidays, it is only on Purim that one is encouraged to overindulge in drink, and even get a bit inebriated. While one can fulfill this mitzvah of drinking on Purim with wine served in any manner, I personally find that there