Monday, May 25, 2020

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The Success and Promise of Top Israeli Wines: 2014 in Review

As 2014 came to a close, Galil Mountain Winery’s Head Winemaker, Micha Vaadia, shares some of the year’s highlights. Vaadia has been at the winery since 2006. He previously worked at wineries in California, New Zealand, and Argentina prior to dedicating his life to bringing the Israeli Galil Mountain Winery to


The Compound Behind All Those Stories About Red Wine Being Good for You

If you’re a teetotaller, your friends have likely tried to convince you to taste red wine by swearing on its multiple health benefits. These benefits have been credited to a compound found in red wine: resveratrol. But claims for this compound have been a subject of major debate–while some argue that it can prevent cancer and promote


Granola Bars: Make Them Yourself or With Your Kiddies…

Granola bars are a favorite with kids, and adults like to grab them as a snack, too. Here are some options to make them yourself. Enjoy!!!

Homemade Granola Bars


¼ cup butter


Secret Restaurant Recipes Revealed

Going out to dinner is a wonderful treat. You sit and relax as your meal is cooked and served, with the remnants whisked away when you’re finished. But dining out is an occasional experience, and meals must be prepared at home daily. That’s when you think of the delicious food you have enjoyed at restaurants and wish


Cabernet Franc: A Delightful Winter Red

Winter has arrived, and with it the kind of cold weather that makes one want to spend an evening sitting in front of a warm fire, nibbling on a warm wedge of brie and sipping a nice glass of red wine. One of my favorite types of wine for such an evening is Cabernet Franc.

Though less well known


Cholent Victor Style

According to the great Claudia Rodin (author of The Book of Jewish Food, The New Book of Middle Eastern Food, and many others) the origins of the classic French Cassoulet and the traditional Jewish cholent are intermingled–and my version is a combination of the two. I have yet to meet someone who did


Cheese Cakes…Make Them Pareve

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? I make it all year round. People think you must make it dairy but, in reality, you can swap out the dairy cheeses for pareve thanks to the invention of Tofutti products. The recipes below can be tweaked to allow for you to make a delicious pareve cheesecake dessert. Enjoy!!


NOBO: North Of Bogota Worth The Trip But Bring Your Visa

I was looking forward to dinner at NoBo Wine and Grill. It’s a restaurant that constantly seeks to reinvent itself. In a few short years, it went from a tasty Pasta Factory (dairy), to a tastier Pasta Factory (meat). Today, it seems to have settled on an eclectic mix of Manhattan chic and a pastiche of menu


Ten Israeli Treats

Try the best baklava, chocolate, marzipan, halva, challah, bourekas and other mouthwatering treats that Israel has to offer.

Israel 21c–Taste buds must work overtime in Israel thanks to the


Scrumptious Latkes to Light Up Your Palate

From sizzling potato latkes with cheddar cheese to tangy mozzarella cheese pizzas and delectable Muenster cheese toasts, the festive Chanukah holiday traditionally kindles a range of culinary activities in the kitchen.

The inspiration to whip up a dairy delicacy on Chanukah has a variety of root


How to Eat Chanukah Sufganiyot Without Guilt

The average Chanukah sufganiya (jelly donut) has between 300 and 400 calories of nearly pure oil and fat. In honor of the miracle God bestowed on the Maccabees, making oil meant for just a day last eight days, the delicious donut and other traditionally oily Chanukah foods become annual killers for your diet. For


Where Everybody Knows Your Name

JLBC introduces a new feature (bi-weekly) from acclaimed writer/blogger Ari Weisbrot that will explore and review the many kosher eating establishments in the community.

The first thing the owners of the new Teaneck Doghouse want you to know is that it’s not a sports bar.