Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Something Other Than Hamantashen for Purim

In an article by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller on the aish.com website, she cites Purim foods around the world from a variety of cookbooks. She includes the Ashkenazi kreplach (a “hidden” food because of all the secrets hidden in the story); French Palmiers (to evoke the misshapen ears of Haman); Russian Kulich, a long, sweet challah


Susie Fishbein to Offer Pre-Pesach Kosher Cooking Classes at The Kitchen at Bed Bath & Beyond

(Courtesy of The Kitchen at Bed, Bath & Beyond) The Kitchen at Bed Bath & Beyond, East Hanover’s newest interactive cooking and activity learning space, has announced that world-famous kosher cook and author Susie Fishbein will be returning for a lineup of kosher-for-Passover cooking classes, sponsored by Aron’s Supermarket of


Coco Jolie Has What You Need for Purim

(Courtesy of Coco Jolie) Coco Jolie has lots of options for your last-minute Purim shopping! Choose from a variety of pre-packed, elegant mishloach manot gift baskets, two-, three- and six-piece bonbon boxes to include in your own packages, or our regular, beautiful gift boxes of delectable chocolates. We also offer platters that


Bergenfield's Grand & Essex Market Wins National Award

Butcher department seen as category leader.

(Courtesy of Grand & Essex) Grand & Essex Market received Progressive Grocer’s 2020 Outstanding Independent Award for its meat and seafood department. Grand & Essex accepted the award at a ceremony in San Diego, California, on February


Enjoying New Wines and Old Friends At Royal Wines’ KFWE

How can you truly get to know the measure of hundreds of wines in a few hours? The short answer is, you can’t. But it’s possible to try.

At New York’s annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience, an event now held


Betterine Is the Newest, Smartest Butter Swap on the Market

(Courtesy of Betterine) Consumers have a healthier new way to cook and bake thanks to the latest innovation from Betterine, “Butter’s Vegan Twin.”

Betterine (www.betterine.com) is a plant-based alternative to butter and margarine that’s 100% free of dairy products, chemicals and


KFWE Wines Will Rock Your Purim Seudah

The “KFWE season” is now behind us! The KFWE (Kosher Food and Wine Experience) comprises wine and food shows that take place in five different locations around the world (New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London and Tel Aviv) where more than 400 wines are


Queen of the Kosher Kitchen: Norene Gilletz, BDE


Just a mere six weeks ago I wrote an article titled “Norene Gilletz: A Very Special Lady.” It was meant to be a tribute to Norene, who passed away on


Celebrating 30 Years of French Kosher Wine

No one can dispute that the elevation of kosher wine worldwide rests squarely on the shoulders of one family. The Herzogs, owners of Royal Wine, have single handedly, for well over 100 years, built a trade in all levels of kosher


Israel’s Tabernacle Winery Launches in the US

This past Tuesday night, my husband, Yeruchum, and I ventured to Crown Heights in anticipation of the U.S. launch of Tabernacle Winery, a family-owned boutique winery from Israel. The launch took place at Meat NYC, a beautifully designed, relative newcomer on the kosher restaurant scene. Raphael


STAR-K-Certified Fresko Lands United Airlines Meal Contract

Things are looking up for kosher travelers flying to Israel on United Airlines, with the airline’s recent announcement that STAR-K-certified Fresko meals will debut this month on U.S. to Tel Aviv flights. The variety of new options offered will be available from the airline’s Newark/New York, San Francisco and Washington,


Barkan and Segal: New Adventures With a Classic Israeli Winery

Established in 1899, Barkan’s initial focus was on growing grapes and it actually produced very little in terms of wine. Top-grade grape varietals were brought from all over the world and planted in Barkan vineyards in Israel. Nowadays, there are dozens of varietals growing in Barkan-owned vineyards all over the country.

Just 101 years later, a