Sunday, January 24, 2021

Food & Wine

The Humble Truck, a Kitchen on Wheels, Embarks on the ‘Summer of Love Tour 2020’

Shalom Yehudiel’s The Humble Toast has come a long way since opening in Teaneck two years ago, carving out a niche in the city’s pantheon of kosher restaurants with creative sandwiches and deli. Now The Humble Toast is going farther—to Queens, Riverdale, Long Island and beyond, possibly to the Hamptons and the Catskills, with


It's Date Night! Six Thirteen in Stamford Is Open for Business

Sick of cooking? Ready to move on from Zoom dating? There’s now one kosher restaurant in the entire tri-state area that’s open for business. Six Thirteen, in Stamford, Connecticut, is now offering limited dine-in seating (in addition to takeout and delivery) on their outdoor patio.


Ma’adan Thinks Inside the Kiddush ‘Box’

While COVID-19 has many local businesses thinking outside the box, Johnny Shore of Ma’adan has been thinking inside the box, The Kiddush Box that is. A convenient meal to go, The Kiddush Box is filled with Shabbat favorites including deli roll, hard salami, potato kugel, pickles, olives and rugelach. It feeds two people


Mocha Bleu Launches Mocha Bar + Bowl

The reality of being stuck at home with no access to a gym or exercise equipment has left many people feeling unhealthy and out of shape. Naftali Abenaim, CEO of Mocha Hospitality Group and former spin instructor, can relate. Since the COVID-19-imposed lockdown, he has struggled to stay in shape and eat right, a challenge


Rosé Wines 2019, Take Two

Our Jewish Link Zoom wine tasting a few weeks ago discussed rosé wines from Cantina Giuliano, Dalton, Herzog Lineage, Bat Shlomo, Tabor and Lueria.


Easy Shmeezy Delicious Cookies

These amazing cookies only contain three ingredients and are a great activity to do with up-and-coming chefs, likely those around 4 years old.


  • 1 cup peanut butter (For those with allergies, you may substitute soy or sunflower seed

Shavuot: The Source of Our True Joy

This article being about wines to drink in celebration of Shavuot, its title might sound a little confusing. The Shalosh Regalim, the three holidays of pilgrimage (Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot), are referred to as the “time of our freedom” for Pesach, the “time of our giving of the


‘Burger Boss’ Rolls Out a Delicious, Ultra-Modern Restaurant Concept

Can a restaurant menu be so adaptable that it lives in the cloud? Of course. Can crowd-pleasing, perfectly-seasoned American classics be optimized and designed specifically for delivery? Sure. With this winning recipe, why not start with the ever-popular, immensely craveable burger and go on from


Rosé: Cool Pink Wines for Shavuot and Summer

At our first-ever Jewish Link Zoom wine tasting, I was pleasantly surprised to find my wine-tasting friends ready and able to adapt to our current reality: to taste a few 2019 rosé wines en masse with an eye to help curate, in a small way, our community’s wine choices. We


A Rosé by Any Other Name

This past Shabbat we learned one of my favorite mishnayot, Avot, 4:20: “Rebbi says: don’t look at the container, rather what is in it. There is a new container full of aged wine, and an old container that doesn’t even contain new wine.” It sounds so much more adult than “don’t judge a book by its cover.”


A Versatile Dish: Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Lentil Moroccan Stew

Thinking of so many good friends and my wonderful Moroccan neighbors in Cote St Luc! I learned so much from the delicious way that they were able to blend spices to make exotic concoctions to please anyone’s taste buds.

I recently made and enjoyed the following recipe, realizing that


Artisan Bread in Just Five Minutes a Day?

In this unique time spent mostly at home, lucky ones among us have had the chance to dust off our cookbooks and bake our own challah and desserts. With many of us ordering our basics online, why not experiment with some gourmet sourdough-style breads? Apologies to those who may remember a version of this article I wrote in 2017,