Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Cinnamon Coffee Cake From Your Bread Starter

Once you start making bread often from your sourdough starter, you will find there is extra dough and extra starter. One can reduce waste by incorporating the starter into cakes, muffins, biscuits and scones easily; it’s a fun way to expand your baking repertoire without having to discard extra starter. The internet is full of


Quarantine Cuisine: The ‘Anything Wrap’ Challenge

We have diverted ourselves during social isolation by creating meals out of little-used pantry items and leftovers. One really easy application is wraps; We can use tortillas, flatbread or wraps to invent a tasty new dish in minutes. All you need is the wrap, any type of protein (leftover or canned are truly ideal), any type of


Kosher Markets Help Save Pesach for Customers

The kosher markets that got residents through Pesach this year were truly operating in uncharted territory. Supplies were ordered and re-ordered from swamped vendors for anxious customers. New workplace sanitation rules affected everyone’s job. Demand for delivery exploded. For many, if not all, Jewish homemakers, Pesach


From My Kosher Jerusalem Kitchen: International Meat Dishes After the Seder

After eating all the wonderful seder dishes of our families, I find it fun to try dishes that are unusual and not from our backgrounds. Here are some you might want to try.

Egyptian-born Claudia Roden is the master of Middle Eastern food and author of 20 cookbooks. Now 84 years old, she lives in


Learn How to Make Chocolate Matzah Crunch in 41 Seconds

(Courtesy of Israel 21C) Chocolate, toffee, matza – what on earth could go wrong? See our recipe below and enjoy a sweet Passover from ISRAEL21c.

Chocolate Matzah Crunch



The Three-Generation Matzah Brei You Will Not Want to Miss

(Courtesy of Israel 21c) This Passover, ISRAEL21c producer Haim Silberstein begged his mother Rosie to share her special family matzah brei recipe with our readers.

Haim’s sister, Orna Silberstein and daughter, Tamar, also joined in the fun. This is nothing like the matzah brei you might be


From Slavery to Freedom; From Sorrow to Joy

We are living in an unprecedented situation. I keep hearing and reading that we are in a world of uncertainty. But that could not be less true. We are all witnessing that despite all the technology and scientific advances achieved and built by mankind, one thing is quite


That’s (Kosher) Amarone

Italy is the source of an astounding diversity of wines, with something suitable for every meal and every occasion, yet only a small glimpse of this world is available to kosher consumers. Thankfully, the newest kosher Italian wine to hit the market is both a step in the right direction, and a very big deal. The newly released Aura di


Empire Kosher Facility Produces at Full Capacity for Passover

Empire Kosher donates thousands of pounds of product to OU kosher food pantries.

(Courtesy of Empire Kosher) Empire Kosher Poultry announced today that its processing facility is running at full capacity ahead of the Passover holiday. While the current COVID-19 situation is affecting


Coach Gila Offers Pesach Prep Phone Sessions

Coach Gila Guzman is offering complimentary 30-minute phone sessions to anyone who is unexpectedly making Pesach for the first time due to COVID-19. During the 30 minutes she will cover shopping lists, menu planning and Pesach organization in general. She knows it is a stressful time and wants to help by sharing her knowledge, tips and


Enjoy Tnuva’s Delectable Dairy on Pesach, Too

(Courtesy of Tnuva) This Pesach, Tnuva USA has prepared a variety of their most tempting dairy products that are kosher for Pesach under the strict supervision of the Badatz Mehadrin. Choose from an array of sliced semi-hard cheeses such as Edam, Swiss and Muenster, also in light versions; Tnuva’s premium cheese spread with garlic and


A Plethora of New Kosher Wines for Passover 2020

Although new kosher wines are released throughout the year, the main season for the launches is Passover. This year a record number of new wines are being released.

The Royal Wine Corporation, which has been in the forefront of winemaking and importing wines for more than six