November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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Frisch Varsity Volleyball Championship

The Girls Frisch Varsity volleyball team is not just a sports team, they are a family. The seniors: Talia Bardash, Rebecca Gellis, Tillie Haramati, Rachel Markowǐtz , Ally Schlisser, and Adel Rubin have been playing together since their freshman year. They started off as an athletic group of girls not knowing how to play the game, however, with a lot of practice and great coaching by Sam Tilp and Adina Kwestel they went from being individual players to a cohesive team.

Frisch and SAR played each other in the championships two years ago; Frisch won, and wanted to do the same on Sunday March 15th.

The Frisch girls’ volleyball team came into the championship game in first place, but had recently lost to SAR. Still, they had been dreaming of this final championship since last year when they were knocked out in the semifinals. This year, with the help of juniors Ayelet Burger, Anna Ottensoser, Atara Schunbrun (Speilman) and Rachelli Weiss, they won in four games. This game was the best game they’d played as a team and was the culmination of four years of hard work (three years for the juniors) and commitment to volleyball.

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