July 21, 2024
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July 21, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Having your say in The Link!

Featuring – Nachum Segal, Photographed�

at the David Beyda Studio in Teaneck NJ on 11/30/20

On The Nachum Segal Network Live from Dubai:

We strive to unite the global Jewish community. We’ve got 60 hours in Dubai to do the best job that can be done to highlight that community. It is both an incredible opportunity and responsibility, and I can’t wait.�

On sleeping late:

Sleeping late for me is 4:20am, so when someone says they get up early, I start with, “REALLY…???”

Nachum Segal factoids:

1) I love calendric trivia. LOVE it.� 2) My favorite food is white rice. 3) I’m scared of heights.

On Aliyah:

The future of the Jewish people is in The State of Israel.

On crazy comments from listeners:

“Wow! You don’t sound that tall on the radio!”

Nachum Segal pet peeves:

When someone calls me NUCHUM (not my name).

On fans love of Nachum’s signature laugh:

I’m glad they enjoy it.

On yapchick:

Yapchick is reliable Jewish soul food. And it’s not just for Thursday nights!

On Coffee:

Despite my crazy hours, I don’t drink coffee. My manager drinks enough for both of us.

On nudniks

They test your patience.

On The Parsha and Going to Dubai:

There is something poignant about going to Dubai after Vayishlach.

Yaakov dealt with Eisav very carefully so too must Israel tread carefully with its peaceful neighbors.

Tune in to JM in the AM live from Dubai Dec 8th, 9th and 10th.

Nachum Segal is the president of the Nachum Segal Network and host of “JM in the AM”.� Tune in at www.nachumsegal.com or download the free NSN app for iPhone and android. Nachum has been host of JM in the AM since 1983. Nachum began his radio career at YU-WYUR. The name of his show was Simcha with Stretch.�

Photos and interview by David Beyda www.davidbeyda.com�

Available for family portraits, business headshots, shidduch photos, simchas and all of your photographic needs. IG @davidbeydaphotography. 212-967-6964, Studios in Manhattan and Teaneck

Want to be photographed for this series by David Beyda? Email him at [email protected]

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