July 23, 2024
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July 23, 2024
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Inaugural Season of MGBL Men’s League About to Begin

As the start of the first season of the MGBL men’s league is less than a month away, JLNJ sports staff sat down with the MGBL commissioners to get a better feel for the league.

JLNJ: Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to speak with us. After seven years of MGBL offering basketball programming to over a thousand youth and teenagers in Bergen County, what prompted you to start a men’s league?

MGBL: Thank you for the opportunity, we are really excited to be expanding the MGBL program, making it a league Mitch Gross a’h himself could have played in. Everyone loves to play ball and compete, but unfortunately pick-up games are less structured and sometimes wind up becoming a hack fest. Over the years we have been asked on numerous occasions to start a league that captures all that is great about MGBL in a men’s league. The timing seemed right as we are wrapping up another amazing season of MGBL boys. The highly competitive high school season will be starting soon (to register go to MGBL.org), so why not start the men’s league? Thankfully the response has been really strong.

JLNJ: When and where will the games be played?

MGBL: Our plan is for each team to play one game a week on either Monday or Tuesday nights between 8 and 10 p.m. We will be playing most of the games at Heichal HaTorah (the Jewish Center of Teaneck) and the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of New Jersey, but we will be utilizing other Bergen County gyms as well. Each team will play an eight-game season with playoffs, and every game will be officiated by two certified referees.

JLNJ: If the games are all being played in Bergen county schools, is it open to players outside of Bergen County?

MGBL: 100%, we have one team already coming from Passaic and would be thrilled to have Rockland County, New York City, Essex, Union and Middlesex counties represented. The only requirements are to be over 25, a member of a synagogue and ready to play ball.

JLNJ: I see that the MGBL Men’s League is a bring-your-own-squad. What are the roster requirements and cost?

MGBL: The cost per team will be $1400 to be split evenly amongst the primary players. So far most teams have opted for 7 man rosters so its $200 per player. If a team chooses an 8 man roster it becomes $175, and so forth. In addition, the teams will be allowed to submit up to 3  more players who will be allowed to play as alternates during the season (i.e., if the primary players have a conflict on a given night). JLNJ: How can players sign up? Do they need to enter as a team or can they be added to an existing team?

MGBL: we still have two open team slots, and several teams are still looking for a player or two to complete their respective rosters. To register as an individual or team please use this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1er3jPf9EIo5rlqdBo06FMunjo75XynEB223Ob_73jYo/viewform

Any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] .

JLNJ: What are the goals of the league?

MGBL: The goals of the league are to continue to offer a high quality basketball program within the theme and in the spirit of what MGBL stands for: fair and competitive play, teamwork and utmost adherence to “Bein Adam Lechavero.”

JLNJ: Who will be overseeing the league, and will this will conflict with other MGBL programming?

MGBL: Steve Gutlove and Dave Norman will be overseeing this league. Dov Elefant is overseeing the high-school league so we have both programs adequately covered. Also, all of our other programming occurs over the weekends so there is no conflict at all. We see this simply as another extension of the league and one that Mitch would be proud to be a part of.

JLNJ: What if someone wants to be part of the league but cannot commit to playing every week?

MGBL: There are open spots as alternates, which could work around your schedule. Also, there are sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring a team for $300 per team is a great way to promote your business and since all funds collected above expenses will be contributed to Heichal HaTorah and other local charities,you will be giving tzedakah as well. A special thank you to the Jewish Link of New Jersey for being our first team sponsor. To sponsor a team of your own, please use this link http://mgbl.org/SponsorPay.php.

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