Tuesday, August 11, 2020


What to Teach Your Children About Israel

As if Jewish educators didn’t have enough problems these days, actor Seth Rogen set off a controversy which, along with giving his new Jewish-themed movie undeserved publicity, focused attention on the failures of Jewish facilities to produce students that understand and care about the State of Israel. Rogen set Twitter aflame last week


Bedwetting Alarms on Shabbat

A friend from Texas recently called about his 8-year-old son’s bedwetting challenge. This is a very common challenge for children of this age. Children are typically very embarrassed by this condition, and the need to resolve the issue is considerable.

The child’s doctor prescribed a technique


Appreciating the ‘Bitter’ Along With the Sweet, Part IV

A debt of gratitude owed to our rabbinic families.

In the concluding parshiot of Sefer Bamidbar, Matot/Masei, and the introductory parsha of Sefer Devarim, our Torah directs our attention to the multitude of “voyages” our nation traversed in the desert. On the surface, the content seems redundant.


The Urim and the Tumim

The Urim and the Tumim are first mentioned at Ex. 28:30. Unfortunately, there is no description of what they look like or how they were made and operated. The verse reads merely: “You shall put האורים and התמים into the המשפט חשן (=breastplate of judgment); they shall be on Aaron’s heart…”


Michael Neuman: Fighting Hate and Anti-Semitism In Sports

Michael Neuman, the first Orthodox Jew to defeat a professional athlete to win CBS’ “Million Dollar Mile” parkour competition, is now hosting a livestream titled “Jews in Sports with Michael.” Known for wearing his kippah to the finish line, Neuman has now turned toward bringing strong Jewish personalities into


How to Disaster-Proof Your Business and Your Life

For most of us, COVID-19 has been the single greatest disruption than we have ever experienced. As traumatic and unsettling as 9/11 and the Great Recession of 2008-9 were, they were limited in their scope and direct impact. By contrast, COVID-19 has impacted the entire globe on many levels, and remains a scourge that we are ill-prepared to


Counting Down From Destruction, Looking Forward to Redemption

The marriage documents from the Jews on the Greek island of Corfu are distinguished for using double dating, the year since creation (which all ketubot contain) and also the year since the destruction of the Temple (see photo).

The custom of calculating the years since the destruction


When People Wrong You and Make Themselves the Victim

Dear Dr. Chani,

Last month I found myself faced with a huge emotional challenge that I still feel bad about. For the first time, my husband and I decided that it was healthy for our family to visit a different town this summer. We selected an “out of town” location that has a significant Jewish


The World Is Topsy Turvy

I had a conversation today with a friend in Montreal. As we and so many others are, she is extremely nervous about the COVID-19 situation. No one really knows what lies ahead. Unfortunately, there seems to be a feeling there and here that in some communities that are considered to be more “yeshivish,” many people have adopted a


Local Artist Ellie Fried Wins Place in Rockefeller Flag Exhibition

Teaneck resident Elianna Fried was a winner of “Raising Up NYC,” the Rockefeller Center’s Flag Project. Ellie, 18, is a rising FIT photography student after a gap year in Jerusalem.

As a young girl, Ellie Fried was always drawn to art. Exposed to the soulfulness of artistic


New Israeli TV Series Explores Relationships Between Ba’alei Teshuva and the Families They Left Behind

Those who are waiting impatiently for the third season of “Shtisel” can allay their impatience somewhat by watching a recent Israeli TV series titled “Od Nipagesh.” Premiering on YouTube in June, the series, whose title means “We Will Yet Meet Again,” has already gotten coverage in major American Jewish publications as


Envision Theater Premieres Shakespeare Live Production

(Courtesy of Envision Theater) Envision Theater, New Jersey’s premier educational theater company, is thrilled to announce it’s first Shakespeare Live Production—Twelfth Night— featuring the Envision Theater Acting Troupe. The show will be performed on Sunday, Aug. 9, at 11a.m. and at 2:30 and 5:30 p.m. on a