Sunday, November 29, 2020


SAR High School Opens Kosher Food Pantry

(Courtesy of SAR) SAR High School is partnering with Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (Met Council) and The Kingsbridge Center of Israel (KCI) Kosher Food Pantry to create a unique student-led kosher food pantry. The new SAR/KCI Pantry is housed in SAR High School’s kitchen. Since the fall of


TABC Grades Enjoy a Breeze Through the Trees At Adventure Park

Over the last two weeks, each grade at TABC has enjoyed an outing to the ropes course at Adventure Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Students had an absolute blast as they climbed through the beautiful fall foliage and bonus perk—several of them conquered their fear of heights! The course had many different


Yavneh Academy Honor Day Delegation Program Unexpectedly Reunites Two Chayalim

Yearly, Yavneh Academy middle school is privileged to hear from a soldier who is part of the Wounded IDF Veterans organization. The veterans share their stories of fighting in the Israeli army and, unfortunately, the dangers that they face. The program is always one of chizuk for the audience of teachers and students.


RYNJ Is Very Thankful For In-Person Learning

RYNJ is very thankful for its amazing teachers and students and very thankful-for in-person learning! Wishing everyone an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving break.


Moriah STEM Students Learn How Masks Keep Us Safe

In Moriah lower school, STEM students used the scientific method to explore the world around them. They observed that everyone is wearing masks. The question is: How effective are masks? The students conducted research of their own into how masks protect us against the spread of germs and asked a testable question: Do masks stop liquids from traveling


Chabad of Tenafly Prepares For Thanksgiving

Lubavitch on the Palisades preschoolers prepared for Thanksgiving by creating Native American costumes to wear to their feasts. Children dyed clothing using tea, created bracelets out of clay and headdresses using feathers.


Chabad of Tenafly Celebrates Rosh Chodesh Kislev

Lubavitch on the Palisades students started their countdown to Chanukah on Rosh Chodesh Kislev. All staff and students were treated to delicious jelly donuts to get their first taste of Chanukah. Kindergarten students were entertained by the incredible Dr. Schnitzel at an interactive science show.


The Idea School Has a Shabbaton-in-a-Day

Even without an overnight program, The Idea School hosted its first ever in-school shabbaton in-a-day program! The day began with kiddush and cookies, and a student led Dvar Torah on Parshat Toldot. Next was an Advisory discussion about the meaning of Shabbat along with a fun parsha quiz. The students then


Ma’ayanot Students Explore Contemporary Israel

At Ma’ayanot, the Israel education program is designed to allow students to love and support Medinat Yisrael while developing the skills and knowledge necessary to become actively engaged Zionists. Teachers provide a comprehensive education about the history, personalities, accomplishments and challenges of the


BPY Students Study Trees

BPY elementary school scientists have been doing the work of dendrochronologists. They have dated tree stumps by counting rings, they have learned to tell the history locked in tree rings, like the amount of rainfall, injuries from insects, birds, fire and growing on a slant. They even predicted the amount of


I Scream, You Scream, BPY Screams for Ice Cream

Gan Keshet has spent the last two weeks studying the different water sources, discovering why the oceans are salty—and why the Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake are even saltier—and learning about the properties of salt. They’ve experimented and seen that salt makes objects buoyant, seen salt crystals growing,


MTA Students Enjoy the Freshman Experience

In an effort to ensure that freshmen have a smooth high school transition, MTA proudly offers an enhanced Freshman Experience, including fun events, guidance sessions and team-building workshops, which enable talmidim to bond cohesively as a grade and interact with boys who they may not share classes with. On