Monday, October 25, 2021

Bergenfield—Areyvut, a New Jersey-based non-profit organization whose mission is to infuse the lives of Jewish youth and teens with the values of chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (social action), announces the release of its 2016 “A Kindness a Day” calendar.

This flip calendar offers 366 suggestions (it’s a leap year!) for people of all ages to better themselves, their communities and the world at large. For example, January 1’s entry suggests, “Make a New Year’s resolution that will positively impact someone else’s life.” Other entries remind readers to “call and wish Shabbat Shalom to an out-of-town relative” or to “assist someone who is unemployed with writing a resume and finding a job.” Beneath each act of kindness is a traditional Jewish text that explains what inspired that particular act of kindness.

Areyvut debuted “A Kindness a Day” in 2005 and continued to create calendars through 2009, the last year that the flip-book was published. After a six-year hiatus, the “A Kindness a Day” calendar is back with suggestions, sources and inspiration that will motivate readers to play an active role in their families and communities.

“Charity, kindness and social justice must be an integral part of everyone’s day,” explains Daniel Rothner, Areyvut’s founder and director. “The 2016 calendar allows for these core Jewish values to become more aligned to the context of people’s daily lives. “A Kindness a Day” is a great educational tool for children and adults alike, as well as homes, schools and other organizations, both as a guide to help instill Jewish values into one’s life and as a springboard for discussion and study.”

The 2016 calendar includes 366 suggestions as to how you can incorporate the values of chesed, tzedakah and tikkun olam into your daily life, 366 sources from traditional Jewish texts, a thematic index that categorizes the acts of kindness by theme (ex: loving your neighbor, tzedakah, tending to the sick, volunteering, prayer, etc.), and a glossary of terms.

“A Kindness a Day” has become a national phenomenon, being sold to individuals, synagogues and schools throughout the country. Calendars can be purchased on Areyvut’s website at www.areyvut.org/shop. For sample pages and additional information, please email [email protected]

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