Tuesday, May 30, 2023

During Chanukah, RYNJ middle school boys participated in Flame Games 5776. The programming was designed with academic components as well as activities to engage students beyond the classroom. The eight classes served as eight teams, led by both their rebbe and teacher. Each day, there was a meaningful activity connected to Chanukah during Limudei Kodesh. Whether it was the energetic and joyous chagigah in the gym, student divrei Torah focusing on bein adam l’chaveiro or the exciting game of Kahoot based on dinei Chanukah—the boys were fully involved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The afternoon activities brought out some more active programming, including the Parking Lot-kes Races outside, a competitive Dreidel-Off tournament and the thrilling Menorah Madness wherein students enjoyed relay races to set and light a menorah. The excitement filled the hallways, the healthy competitiveness brought out students’ energy in the most fantastic way, and the multitude of opportunities to be with their friends and teachers enhanced their school spirit.

It was quite an exciting week at RYNJ. The smiles, laughter and cheering were in abundance just as the strong feelings of camaraderie and friendship that these programs generated.

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