Monday, December 05, 2022

Sheryl Intrator Urman, a past winner and curator of this year’s Partnership2gether Art Show, said technology is playing a growing part in enabling American and Israeli artists to share their work. “Technology is giving our show the capability to travel internationally and expand venues for the show in New Jersey.”

This year artwork from 27 Israeli artists will be shown together with original works by 30 Northern New Jersey artists in the Belskie Museum of Arts and Science located in Closter through April 3 and again at the Waltuch Gallery in Tenafly from June 20 through July 1. The artwork of the 30 American artists will travel to Israel for a show in the Beit Leiberman Museum in Nahariya to be displayed during the month of May.

“What makes technology important is that now with computers, original works will not be transported out but images will. The images will be printed on canvas, a process known as a giclee. This cuts down on cost, transportation and insurance to make a more cost-effective show and continue the art exchange,” said Intrator Urman.

Intrator Urman’s Fruitful Trees Must Be Saved refers to the theme of the show this year “Saving Fruitful Trees.” Intrator Urman likes to experiment with materials and used acrylic and gold oil paints, nail polish and various enamels to render her work. The theme was selected by the Israeli counterparts: All trees that produce edible fruit must not be destroyed, even during times of conflict, so they can provide nourishment and sustenance for future generations. (Jewish text reference: Devarim 20:19&20)

Sheryl Intrator Urman is an artist and art educator and has been the Art Chair for the Partnership2gether Federation art show, since it began five years ago. She is also a member of the Northern New Jersey “Salute to Women in the Arts.” She teaches drawing and painting to adults and children, gives lectures on art history, and leads group tours to art museums. She has been running Art for Learning LLC, her art business in Englewood, for 18 years. For more information about Intrator Urman visit http://www.sherylintrator.com.

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