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Seventy shared years of experience in the mind-body therapies and energy medicine has provided us with a toolbox filled with modalities that help explore and expand the possibilities of energy healing for our clients and ourselves. These tools help identify and balance the energies of our Biofield.

The Biofield, as determined by the National Institute of Health (1), encompasses subtle energies which pulse around and through the body. These subtle energies, as well as all parts of the human body, are in constant movement, flux and rhythm. It is posited that subtle energies involve the realms of body, soul and spirit. Disturbances, imbalances, and/or distortions in these energies can generate illness and pain in the mind/body.

There is no shortage of stressors in our daily lives. The stress of commuting, competition in the workplace, financial pressures, the demands of family, and the list goes on and on. We know that getting sufficient sleep, good nutrition and exercise are recommended and proven effective in negotiating our stressful lifestyle. Yet we are embedded in an era of chronic pain, chronic dis-ease, depression and anxiety.

Our training allows us to sense and feel the flow and rhythm of the Biofield. We have learned and understood that the Biofield rhythm will respond to questions allowing and opening up the possibility of conversation. (2) This conversation can be a silent one–where the practitioner thinks a question and feels the response or change in rhythm. These rhythms can be palpated and sensed on or off the body. Past life events, trauma, exposure to toxins, generational patterns of behavior, are examples of the many events that can be held in a person’s Biofield that can be reflected in the mind/body. This energy talk tool helps to identify deeper layers of disharmony in the Biofield and allows for balancing, thus providing relief of many of the chronic symptoms. What is a chronic symptom? Physical, emotional, and or behavioral patterns that don’t go away as expected. From an energy perspective, the symptoms are somewhat of a gift because they are calling for attention and are revealing an imbalance on a deeper level.

Case Study

We had the pleasure of working together on an 8-year-old girl presenting with irritability and bouts of frequent anger that had been ongoing since early childhood. Using Craniosacral Therapy diagnostics along with Energy Dialogues we found two bones in the skull mal-aligned (the ethmoid and sphenoid bones) and with readjustment, her face structure changed. The energy talk revealed emotional upset around the age of 2 years old that she was holding in her cranial bones. She reported feeling immense relief immediately. He mother was in touch with us for several weeks and reported a dramatic improvement in her mood.

This case is an example of the art of energy treatments which allows us to integrate emotional events and find where they play out in the body.

This is how the body talks. This is how energy talks.

1 Rubik, B. (2002). The biofield hypothesis: Its biophysical basis and role in medicine. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 8(6), 703-717.

2 Krug P, Kramer D, Gordon P, Bukatman R, Mermelstein P (2013). Energy dialogue technique in healing and health: relieving side effects and thyroid dysfunction in a male with hemophilia receiving pegylated interferon and ribavirin treatment for hepatitis c virus-an anectodal case. Journal of Holistic Nursing 0898010113488992, May 17

Phyllis Krug is a physical therapist with a private practice in Teaneck, NJ and Monsey, NY. Her practice integrates many mind/body and energy therapies. She is available for private consultation, lectures and classes and can be reached at 973-704-9062 www.energydialogues.com

Phyllis Gordon is an occupational therapist in private practice working with infants, children and adults.in Tenafly, NJ. For appointments call 201-569-6288 or [email protected] or www.phyllisgordon.com

By Phyllis Krug DPT, PT, MS

and Phyllis Gordon MSOTR/L

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