Friday, June 02, 2023

The 3rd through 5th Grade students of Yeshivat Noam greatly extended themselves to prepare, participate and perform in this year’s Brachot Bee. The first round of competition was conducted within each class. The 12 class winners became finalists and were challenged in front of all three grades.

The Brachot Bee this year featured multiple formats that incorporated and excited all the students, finalists in particular. The Brachot Bee began with an online ‘Kahoot’ game wherein each participant, equipped with an iPad, was presented with 13 different foods or food combinations and asked to select the correct bracha. In the next round each student received a plate of many different fruits and were asked to prioritize the order in which the fruits would be consumed and provide the correct bracha for each one. Finally, the students received video, audio and images of different scenarios of brachot in everyday life. The students who participated throughout the Brachot Bees were congratulated, and the 12 finalists were highlighted. Yitzchak Brander of the 4th grade became the new Brachot Bee Champion and Maayan Koenig, also of the 4th grade, was the first runner up.

By Rabbi Uzi Beer, Elementary School Assistant Principal, Judaic Studies

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