Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Board of Trustees, after careful consideration, is joining Jewish communities and federations across the country in urging Congress to oppose the proposed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

We believe the deal will negatively impact the United States, the stability of the Middle East and the future of the State of Israel. The Iranian regime has continued to call for “death to America,” the “Great Satan,” and the destruction of Israel, “The Little Satan.” Leaders in Congress, from both sides of the aisle, have expressed grave concerns about this deal. History has taught us that when nations call for the destruction of other civilized nations and death to its citizens, we must take them at their word.

This Iran deal threatens the mission of our Federation, which is to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people, support a secure State of Israel, care for Jews in need here and abroad and mobilize the community on issues of concern.

Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey supports a diplomatic solution. We share the goal of achieving a nuclear-free Iran and are grateful to our nation’s leadership for their efforts. Our opposition is related to the specific terms, which include immediate rather than gradual relief of sanctions. This will give Iran billions of dollars from the start to further destabilize the region and accelerate their global sponsorship of terrorism, directly targeting American, Israeli and Jewish targets around the world.

In making this decision we understand, respect and appreciate that members of northern New Jersey’s Jewish community hold a wide array of views on this agreement. In light of Iran’s abhorrent conduct on the international stage, it is impossible for the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey to stand silent on any agreement that will allow Iran to continue its genocidal actions and deeds.

Please take a few moments to remind your elected representatives of the depth of your concern over the flawed Iran deal. Please visit this link for additional contact details and action steps provided in consultation with AIPAC: http://www.jfnnj.org/iran-nuclear-agreement-statement.

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