November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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JLBC Yasher Koach of the Week — Naomi Kutin

On Sunday, November 10th in Bigler, PA, 12-year-old Naomi Kutin made powerlifting history, yet again. Lifting in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation in the Central PA Open, Naomi was setting records with every lift. As she was competing in her first contest since her 12th birthday, Naomi was now in a new age category (12-13), and every attempt was a new record for that category. However, Naomi was focused firmly on open class records, records without reference to age.

In the squats, Naomi lifted 231.lbs on her third attempt, breaking the all-time record raw squat for the women’s 97 lbs. class. What makes this most amazing is that she has now broken this same record at age 9 (205lbs.), age 10 (214.9 lbs.), age 11 (225 lbs., then 226 lbs. 2 weeks later), and now at age 12. Other than when Naomi has held this record, it has always been held by adult women!

In the bench press, Naomi got all 3 lifts, with her 3rd attempt of 99 lbs. being a new 100% Raw Open Class world record at 97 lbs.

In the deadlifts, Naomi got all of her attempts, with her 3rd attempt being 237 lbs., for a new personal record, and a new 100% Raw Open Class world record total of 567 lbs. Then, Naomi called for a 4th attempt of 249 lbs. to set the new Open Class world record. Well above anything she has ever attempted before, Naomi pulled it off with some to spare.

Her performance earned her the Women’s Best Lifter award. Naomi has managed to stay in the 97 lbs. class despite being a growing 12-year-old. She has grown approximately three inches since her prior contest last June. She has not only maintained her weight, but she has significantly increased her strength while doing so. Under the careful watch of her health-coach mother, Naomi maintains a discipline over her diet very different than you’d ever expect for a 12-year-old. Her secret? Lots of vegetables, and a lot of water.

Naomi will compete next in the very prestigious elite Raw Unity Meet in February, held this year in Florida.

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