Saturday, March 25, 2023

Regarding Ariel Herzog’s “The Silent Epidemic,” (December 1, 2016), I say to him and others who have misquoted President-elect Trump: It is not an ethical issue, it seems, but rather lashon hara for not quoting Trump himself—instead, perhaps, quoting the New York Times or the Jewish Week. Mr. Trump has said over and over again that all people are good besides for the illegal rapists or murderers or haters of Americans. They are the ones who must be kept out of the United States. That is not racism but protecting the American people. Please recognize that Trump has given back better than a thousand jobs and has gotten 50 billion dollars for jobs, before even becoming president—this smacks of concern for our country. Let’s be ethical and give the president-elect a chance to undo eight years of disrespect for our country and Israel.

Victor Cohen


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