Saturday, March 25, 2023

Meeting lovely people seems to be part and parcel of this wonderful adventure we’re enjoying while setting up our new business at The Workshop Gush Etzion and Mandy Broder Judaica Creations. Nina Glick is one of those people. We met her only once, but have been in touch many times since, mostly due to her desire to help us reach as many people as possible and have them hear about what we’re creating here in Gush Etzion.

Nina recently wrote an article about us called “Carve a Date in Your Next Trip to Israel,” (December 15, 2016), and we’ve already had people enjoy sessions with us after reading it, and have more bookings during winter break at the end of January.

If you know anyone coming to visit soon, feel free to have them read her article, and I’m pretty sure it will give them the urge to spend some time with us creating their own piece of Judaica in the heart of beautiful Gush Etzion. Email me at [email protected]

Mandy Broder

Gush Etzion

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