Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Orthodox Union’s silence on the White House’s deliberate omission of the Jewish people’s unique persecution during the Holocaust is incredibly unsettling.

This is not the first time the OU has shied away from critiquing the Trump administration. David Friedman, Trump’s choice to be the American ambassador to Israel, has slandered Jewish supporters of a two-state solution as being “kapos”—in fact, worse than kapos—calling them neither Jewish nor Zionists. Yet the OU remained deafeningly silent in the wake of these horrifying words attacking members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

By failing to criticize President Trump and his administration in this disturbing move to erase Jews from the Holocaust, and its failure to counter the words of a man who would speak so hatefully of his fellow Jew, the Orthodox Union is failing to live up to its own stated mission to “engage, strengthen and lead the Orthodox Jewish community.” I hear the OU’s silence. It is worrisome, hurtful and alienating.

Aharon Schrieber

Fair Lawn, NJ

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