Friday, March 31, 2023

Regarding Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick’s article, “Land of the Free, Home of the Belligerent” (January 26, 2017), your characterization of the Women’s March is distorted. All I was able to see of the march was that which I saw on TV and online on motzei Shabbos. But I talked to many people who were there and heard from many women who attended marches in various cities. They told me that, contrary to what was shown by media looking for ratings and sales, most women were protesting valid concerns in a respectful manner. They didn’t protest that Hillary lost...they protested the views and the intended actions of the man who won. There’s video proof that the current president holds misogynistic views and has demonstrated values that are entirely out of keeping with Torah values. He’s outright lied. He’s gone after the families of soldiers who gave their lives for us and called those who were tortured in our service “losers.” This was not a rebellion, it was notice to the man in charge that he’s a servant of the people.

Here’s what those protesters taught children: It is the right and privilege of life in the United States to peacefully protest those things that a citizenry finds out of keeping with the values of a democracy and society. They didn’t stop the government from governing. Everyone had permits and did it according to the law. It’s telling that not one protester was arrested. The fact they didn’t protest other atrocities outside of the United States does not strip them of their rights. Where are all the men and women of the frum communities protesting all the issues you list above when it isn’t Shabbos? Is the frum community not obligated to speak out and demonstrate as well? Those who protest are hardly insane and don’t stop anyone from governing. And you should not confound the voices of some radicals with the millions of voices who indeed have the right to fear for their rights.

Naomi Kraus


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