Friday, March 24, 2023

Regarding “Week One Prompts Polarized Reactions” (February 2, 2017), this type of overreaction is exactly the reason that “Republican” Donald Trump hoodwinked his way into the White House.

The Democratic Party used to protect people (except Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who notoriously closed the doors of America to Jewish refugees while six million Jews died, and the last White House occupant, whose “red line” let 400,000 Syrians die). Now, the Democratic Party only protects “feelings,” as in “Donald Trump hurts my feelings.” The mindless anti-Trump violence seen across the country, especially on college campuses, feeds off of this nonsensical group-think of “hurt feelings.” Do those anti-Trump protesters feel sorry for all the U.S. citizens actually shot to death in Chicago and across America? Or only for non-existent victims from other countries?

Lastly, it is absolutely despicable for Jews, of all people, to use the Nazi slaughter of innocent Jews during the Holocaust as an example of why people of all backgrounds should now be let into the U.S. without proper vetting. During World War II, not one Jewish person flew an airplane into the Empire State Building nor the Pentagon building, nor conducted mass beheadings. And yet, FDR closed the gates to Jews. Now, many Jews forget what radical group was responsible for the carnage and loss of innocent life on September 11, 2001, and ever since. Oops—sorry —I just hurt someone’s “feelings.”

Yes, America is a nation of immigrants—a “medinah shel chesed”—a commonwealth of good. Yes, I am the child of a Holocaust survivor and a Holocaust refugee (pre-war). However, I would like to remind Teaneck-true Torah Jews what happened in Tanach when King Saul showed misplaced mercy: It resulted in Haman the Agagite. But, nowadays, it is “un-American” (cue Chuck Schumer’s tears) to try and protect America’s borders. Are these Teaneck-true Torah Jews expecting another miraculous Purim rescue from the next mindless massacre committed in the name of one particular fanatical religious belief?

Robert Fixler

Elizabeth, NJ

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